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gradient (gra´de-ent)

Rate of change of temperature, pressure, or other variable as a function of distance, time, etc.
atrioventricular g. the diastolic pressure difference between the atrium and ventricle.
concentration g. density g
density g. a solution in which the concentration (density) of a solute increases in a continuous fashion from top to bottom, or end to end, of a container (e.g., the centrifuge tube in density-gradient centrifugation).concentration g;
electrochemical g. a measure of the tendency of an ion to move passively from one point to another, taking into consideration the differences in its concentration and in the electrical potentials between the two points; commonly expressed as the additional voltage needed to achieve equilibrium.
g. encoding phase encoding
field g. magnetic field g
magnetic field g. in magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic field that varies with location, superimposed on the uniform field of the magnet, to alter the resonant frequency of nuclei and allow recovery of their spatial position.field g;
mitral g. the diastolic pressure difference between the left atrium and left ventricle.
systolic g. the difference in pressure during systole between two communicating cardiovascular chambers, e.g., between the left ventricle and aorta in aortic stenosis.
ventricular g. the algebraic sum of (i.e., the net electrical difference between) the area enclosed within the QRS complex and that within the T wave in the electrocardiogram.


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