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groove (gruv)

A narrow elongated depression or furrow on any surface. See also sulcus.
alveolobuccal g. the upper and lower half of the buccal vestibule on each side.alveolobuccal sulcus, gingivobuccal g., gingivobuccal sulcus;
alveololabial g. 1. the upper and lower half of the labial vestibule; 2. in the embryo, the g. formed by the deepening of the labial sulcus; its inner wall becomes incorporated with the alveolar process of the mandible or the maxilla, and its outer wall with the lips and cheeks.alveololabial sulcus, gingivolabial g., gingivolabial sulcus;
alveololingual g. 1. that part of the oral cavity proper, on each side of the frenulum linguae, between the tongue and the mandibular alveolar process or ridge; 2. in the embryo, the g. on each side between the lingual primordium and the alveolar elevations of the mandible.alveololingual sulcus, gingivolingual g., gingivolingual sulcus;
anterior auricular g. anterior notch of ear
anterior intermediate g. anterior intermediate sulcus
anterior interventricular g. a groove on the anterosuperior surface of the heart, marking the location of the septum between the two ventricles.sulcus interventricularis anterior [NA], crena cordis (1) ;
anterolateral g. anterolateral sulcus
anteromedian g. 1. anterior median fissure of medulla oblongata 2. anterior median fissure of spinal cord
g. for arch of aorta a broad, deep sulcus arching superiorly over the hilus on the mediastinal surface of the left lung formed as a result of the aortic arch impressing or indenting the lung.
arterial g.'s branching grooves on the interior surface of the cranial vault in which the meningeal arteries course, the most prominent of which are related to branches of the middle meningeal artery.sulci arteriosi [NA] ;
atrioventricular g. coronary g
g. for auditory tube a furrow on the inner surface of the posterior border of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, for the cartilaginous auditory tube.sulcus tubae auditivae [NA], pharyngotympanic g;
auriculoventricular g. coronary g
bicipital g. intertubercular g
branchial g. an external embryonic g. between contiguous branchial arches. See also branchial clefts, under cleft.
carotid g. the groove on the body of the sphenoid bone in which the internal carotid artery lies in its course through the cavernous sinus.sulcus caroticus [NA], carotid sulcus, cavernous g;
carpal g. the concavity on the anterior surface of the arch formed by the carpal bones.sulcus carpi [NA], carpal canal (2) ;
cavernous g. carotid g
chiasmatic g. the groove on the upper surface of the sphenoid bone running transversely between the optic canals bounded anteriorly by the sphenoidal limbus and posteriorly by the tuberculum sellae; forms in relationship to the optic chiasm.sulcus prechiasmatis [NA], chiasmatic sulcus, optic g., prechiasmatic sulcus;
coronary g. a groove on the outer surface of the heart marking the division between the atria and the ventricles.sulcus coronarius [NA], atrioventricular g., atrioventricular sulcus, auriculoventricular g., coronary sulcus;
costal g. a groove in the lower inner border of the rib, lodging the intercostal vessels and nerve.sulcus costae [NA], subcostal g;
costal g. for subclavian artery a groove immediately posterior to the scalene tubercle on the upper surface of the first rib across which the subclavian artery passes.sulcus costae arteriae subclaviae [NA] ;
g. of crus of the helix a transverse fissure on the cranial surface of the auricle corresponding to the crus of the helix.sulcus cruris helicis [NA] ;
dental g. a transitory depression in the gingival surface of the embryonic jaw along the line of ingrowth of the dental lamina.
g. for the descending aorta a broad, deep, vertical sulcus immediately posterior to the hilus on the mediastinal surface of the left lung, formed as a result of the descending aorta impressing or indenting the lung.
developmental g.'s fine lines found in the enamel of a tooth that mark the junction of the lobes of the crown in its development.developmental lines;
digastric g. mastoid g
ethmoidal g. a groove on the inner surface of each nasal bone, lodging the external nasal branch of the anterior ethmoid nerve.sulcus ethmoidalis [NA] ;
frontal g.'s See inferior frontal sulcus, middle frontal sulcus, superior frontal sulcus.
gingivobuccal g. alveolobuccal g
gingivolabial g. alveololabial g
gingivolingual g. alveololingual g
greater palatine g. a groove on both the body of the maxilla and the perpendicular plate of the palatine bone; when the bones are articulated the grooves form the greater palatine canal.sulcus palatinus major [NA], pterygopalatine g., sulcus for greater palatine nerve, sulcus pterygopalatinus;
g. of greater petrosal nerve the groove on the anterior surface of the petrous part of the temporal bone that lodges the greater petrosal nerve.sulcus nervi petrosi majoris [NA] ;
Harrison's g. a deformity of the ribs which results from the pull of the diaphragm on ribs weakened by rickets or other softening of the bone.
inferior petrosal g. g. for inferior petrosal sinus
g. for inferior petrosal sinus a groove lodging the inferior petrosal sinus, formed by union of similarly named grooves in the petrous part of the temporal bone and the basilar part of the occipital bone.sulcus sinus petrosi inferioris [NA], inferior petrosal g., inferior petrosal sulcus;
g. for inferior venae cava a groove on the posterior surface of the liver between the caudate lobe and the right lobe which gives passage to the inferior vena cava.sulcus venae cavae [NA], fossa venae cavae, sulcus for vena cava;
infraorbital g. a gradually deepening groove on the orbital surface of the maxilla, which leads to the infraorbital canal.sulcus infraorbitalis [NA] ;
interosseous g. 1. interosseous g. of calcaneus 2. interosseous g. of talus
interosseous g. of calcaneus the groove on the upper part of the calcaneus, which with a corresponding groove on the talus forms the sinus tarsi.sulcus calcanei [NA], calcaneal sulcus, interosseous g. (1) ;
interosseous g. of talus the groove on the inferior surface of the talus, which with a corresponding groove on the calcaneus forms the sinus tarsi.sulcus tali [NA], interosseous g. (2), talar sulcus;
intertubercular g. a furrow running down the shaft of the humerus between the two tubercles, lodging the tendon of the long head of the biceps, and giving attachment in its floor to the latissimus dorsi muscle.sulcus intertubercularis [NA], bicipital g., intertubercular sulcus;
interventricular g.'s See anterior interventricular g., posterior interventricular g.
lacrimal g. (2) the groove in the nasal surface of the maxilla which, together with the lacrimal bone, forms the fossa for the lacrimal sac.sulcus lacrimalis [NA] ;
laryngotracheal g. the depression in the floor of the caudal end of the pharynx, continued downward on the ventral wall of the foregut; from it are developed the lower part of the larynx and the trachea, bronchi, and lungs.tracheobronchial g;
lateral bicipital g. at the cubital fossa, the groove separating the biceps brachii and brachialis muscles on the lateral side.sulcus bicipitalis lateralis [NA] ;
g. of lesser petrosal nerve the groove on the anterior surface of the petrous part of the temporal bone that accommodates the lesser petrosal nerve in its course to the otic ganglion.sulcus nervi petrosi minoris [NA] ;
linguogingival g. a g. separating the embryonic mandibular portion of the tongue from the remainder of the mandibular process.
Lucas' g. stria spinosa
g. of lung for subclavian artery a sulcus on the surface of the lung just below the apex, corresponding to the course of the subclavian artery.sulcus subclavius;
major g. in a detailed analysis of DNA structure, there are two types of g.'s that can be seen; the major g. has the nitrogen and oxygen atoms of the base pairs pointing inward toward the helical axis, while in the minor g., the nitrogen and oxygen atoms point outwards; important because the major g. is more dependent on base composition and may be the site for protein recognition of specific DNA sequences or regions.
mastoid g. the groove medial to the mastoid process of the temporal bone from which the digastric muscle originates.incisura mastoidea [NA], digastric g., digastric notch, mastoid notch;
medial bicipital g. at the cubital fossa, the groove separating the biceps brachii and brachialis muscles on the medial side.sulcus bicipitalis medialis [NA] ;
median g. of tongue median groove or median longitudinal raphe of tongue; raphe linguae; a slight longitudinal depression running forward on the dorsal surface of the tongue from the foramen cecum.sulcus medianus linguae [NA], median longitudinal raphe of tongue, raphe linguae;
medullary g. neural g
middle meningeal artery g. a narrow g. on the inner table of the calvarium, seen on lateral radiographs as a thin dark line, which may be mistaken for a skull fracture. See sulci arteriosi, under sulcus.
g. for middle temporal artery a vertical groove located above the external acoustic meatus on the external surface of the squamous part of the temporal bone.sulcus arteriae temporalis mediae [NA], sulcus for middle temporal artery;
minor g. See major g.
musculospiral g. g. for radial nerve
mylohyoid g. a groove on the medial surface of the ramus of the mandible beginning at the lingula; it lodges the mylohyoid artery and nerve.sulcus mylohyoideus [NA], mylohyoid fossa;
g. of nail matrix sulcus matricis unguis
nasolabial g. a furrow between the wing of the nose and the lip.sulcus nasolabialis;
nasopalatine g. a g. on the vomer lodging the nasopalatine nerve.
nasopharyngeal g. an indistinct line marking the boundary between the nasal cavities and the nasal part of the pharynx.
neural g. the gutter-like g. formed in the midline of the embryo's dorsal surface by the progressive elevation of the lateral margins of the neural plate; the ultimate dorsal fusion of the margins results in the formation of the neural tube.medullary g;
obturator g. a deep groove on the inner surface of the superior ramus of the pubis.sulcus obturatorius [NA] ;
occipital g. a narrow groove medial to the mastoid notch of the temporal bone that lodges the occipital artery.sulcus arteriae occipitalis [NA], sulcus of occipital artery;
olfactory g. olfactory sulcus
optic g. chiasmatic g
palatine g. one of a number of grooves on the lower surface of the palatine process of the maxilla in which the palatine vessels and nerves lie.sulcus palatinus [NA] ;
palatovaginal g. a furrow on the inferior aspect of the vaginal process of the sphenoid bone that is bridged below by the sphenoidal process of the palatine bone to form the palatovaginal canal.sulcus palatovaginalis [NA] ;
paraglenoid g. preauricular g
pharyngeal g.'s embryonic endodermal or ectodermal g.'s between successive pharyngeal arches.
pharyngotympanic g. g. for auditory tube
pontomedullary g. the transverse g. on the ventral aspect of the brainstem that demarcates the pons from the medulla oblongata; from its bottom the sixth, seventh, and eighth cranial nerves emerge.
popliteal g. a g. on the lateral condyle of the femur between the epicondyle and the articular margin. Its anterior end gives origin to the popliteus muscle; its posterior end lodges the tendon of the muscle when the knee is fully flexed.sulcus popliteus;
posterior auricular g. the g. between the antitragus and cauda helicis overlying the antitragicohelicine fissure.sulcus auriculae posterior [NA] ;
posterior intermediate g. posterior intermediate sulcus
posterior interventricular g. a g. on the diaphragmatic surface of the heart, marking the location of the septum between the two ventricles.sulcus interventricularis posterior [NA], crena cordis (2) ;
posterolateral g. posterolateral sulcus
preauricular g. a g. on the pelvic surface of the ilium just lateral to the auricular surface; it is more pronounced in the female.paraglenoid g., paraglenoid sulcus, preauricular sulcus, sulcus paraglenoidalis;
primary labial g. labial sulcus
primitive g. the median depression in the primitive streak flanked by the primitive ridges.primitive furrow;
g. of pterygoid hamulus a groove at the base of the hamular process which forms a pulley for the tendon of the tensor veli palatini muscle.sulcus hamuli pterygoidei [NA], sulcus of pterygoid hamulus;
pterygopalatine g. greater palatine g
g. for radial nerve the shallow groove that passes around the shaft of the humerus; it lodges the radial nerve and deep brachial artery.sulcus nervi radialis [NA], musculospiral g., spiral g;
retention g. one of the g.'s forming opposing vertical constrictions in a tooth to aid in retention of a dental restoration.
rhombic g.'s seven pairs of transverse furrows in the floor of the embryonic hindbrain.
sagittal g. g. for superior sagittal sinus
Sibson's g. a g. occasionally seen on the outer side of the thorax formed by the prominent lower border of the pectoralis major muscle.
sigmoid g. g. for sigmoid sinus
g. for sigmoid sinus a broad groove in the posterior cranial fossa, first situated on the lateral portion of the occipital bone, then curving around the jugular process on to the mastoid portion of the temporal bone, and finally turning sharply on the posterior inferior angle of the parietal bone and becoming continuous with the transverse groove; it lodges the transverse sinus.sulcus sinus sigmoidei [NA], sigmoid fossa, sigmoid g., sigmoid sulcus;
skin g.'s skin furrows, under furrow
g. for spinal nerve the laterally directed groove on the superior surface of the transverse processes of typical cervical vertebrae between the anterior and posterior tubercles along which the emerging spinal nerve passes.sulcus nervi spinalis [NA] ;
spiral g. g. for radial nerve
subclavian g. a groove on the inferior surface of the body of the clavicle to which is attached the subclavius muscle.sulcus musculi subclavii [NA], subclavian sulcus, sulcus subclavianus;
g. for subclavian vein a groove just anterior to the scalene tubercle of the first rib marking the course of the subclavian vein across the rib.sulcus venae subclaviae [NA] ;
subcostal g. costal g
g. for superior petrosal sinus a groove on the crest of the petrous portion of the temporal bone in which rests the superior petrosal sinus.sulcus sinus petrosi superioris [NA], superior petrosal sulcus;
g. for superior sagittal sinus the groove in the midline of the inner table of the calvaria lodging the superior sagittal sinus.sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris [NA], sagittal g., sagittal sulcus, superior longitudinal sulcus;
g. for superior vena cava a g. on the surface of the right lung, above the hilum, in which runs the superior vena cava.sulcus venae cavae cranialis;
supplemental g. a curvilinear depression normally found on each side of a triangular ridge (crista triangularis).
supra-acetabular g. a groove, posterosuperior to the acetabulum, that is the attachment for the reflected head of the rectus femoris muscle.sulcus supra-acetabularis [NA], supra-acetabular sulcus;
g. for tendon of flexor hallucis longus groove for tendon of the flexor hallucis longus; a vertical g. on the posterior process of the talus continuous with a similar groove on the underside of the sustentaculum tali of the calcaneus.sulcus tendinis musculi flexoris hallucis longi [NA] ;
g. for tendon of peroneus longus muscle 1. the g. below the peroneal trochlea of the calcaneus; 2. the g. distal to the tuberosity of the cuboid bone.sulcus tendinis musculi peronei longi [NA], sulcus tendinis musculi fibularis longi [NA] ;
g. for tibialis posterior tendon a broad groove on the posterior surface of the medial malleolus, through which the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle runs.sulcus malleolaris [NA], malleolar sulcus;
tracheobronchial g. laryngotracheal g
transverse anthelicine g. a deep groove on the cranial surface of the auricle separating the eminences of the triangular fossa and of the concha.sulcus anthelicis transversus [NA] ;
transverse nasal g. stria nasi transversa
g. for transverse sinus the groove on the inner surface of the occipital bone marking the course of the transverse sinus; the tentorium is attached to its margins.sulcus sinus transversi [NA], sulcus for transverse sinus;
tympanic g. the g. on the inner aspect of the tympanic part of the temporal bone in which the tympanic membrane is fixed.sulcus tympanicus [NA] ;
g. for ulnar nerve a furrow on the posterior surface of the medial epicondyle of the humerus, lodging the ulnar nerve.sulcus nervi ulnaris [NA] ;
urethral g. the g. on the ventral surface of the embryonic penis which ultimately is closed to form the penile portion of the urethra.
venous g.'s grooves occasionally found on the internal surface of the parietal bone, in which veins lie.sulci venosi [NA] ;
vertebral g. the depression bounded by the spinous processes and laminae of the vertebrae, in which lie the deep muscles of the back.
g. for vertebral artery the g. on the superior aspect of the posterior arch of the atlas that transmits the vertebral artery medially toward the foramen magnum.sulcus arteriae vertebralis [NA], sulcus for vertebral artery;
vomeral g. the groove on the anterior border of the vomer that receives the septal cartilage.sulcus vomeralis [NA], sulcus vomeris [NA], vomeral sulcus;
vomerovaginal g. a g. on the inferior aspect of the vaginal process of the sphenoid bone that, together with ala of the vomer, forms the vomerovaginal canal.sulcus vomerovaginalis [NA] ;


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