growth (groth)

The increase in size of a living being or any of its parts occurring in the process of development.
accretionary g. g. by an increase of intercellular material.
appositional g. g. accomplished by the addition of new layers on those previously formed; e.g., the addition of lamellae in the formation of bone; it is the characteristic method of g. when rigid materials are involved.
auxetic g. g. by increase in the size of component cells.intussusceptive g;
bacterial g. g. of a bacterial culture either by increase in cell material or cell number.
differential g. different rates of g. in associated tissues or structures; used especially in embryology when the differences in g. rates result in changing the original proportions or relations.
exponential g. See logarithmic phase.
interstitial g. g. from a number of different centers within an area; in contrast with appositional g., it can occur only when the materials involved are nonrigid.
intussusceptive g. auxetic g
multiplicative g. g. by an increase in the number of cells.
new g. neoplasm


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