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guide (gId)

1. To lead in a set course. 2. Any device or instrument by which another is led into its proper course, e.g., a grooved director, a catheter g. [M.E., fr. O.Fr. guier, to show the way, fr. Germanic]
anterior g. incisal g
catheter g. a flexible metallic wire or thin sound over which a catheter is passed to advance it into its proper position, as in a blood vessel or the urethra. See also stylet.
condylar g. condylar guidance
incisal g. in dentistry, that part of an articulator on which the anterior g. pin rests to maintain the vertical dimension of occlusion and the incisal g. angle as established by the incisal guidance; may be adjustable, with a superior surface that may be changed to provide variations in the incisal g. angle, or customized, being individually formed in plastic to allow other than straight line incisal guidance in eccentric movements.anterior g;
mold g. a g. used to specify the shape of artificial teeth, or of an artificial tooth.


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