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hair (har)

1. pilus (1) 2. One of the fine hairlike processes of the auditory cells of the labyrinth, and of other sensory cells, called auditory h.'s, sensory h.'s, etc.thrix; [A.S. haer]
auditory h.'s cilia on the free surface of the auditory cells.
axillary h. h. of the armpit.
bamboo h. h. with regularly spaced nodules along the shaft caused by intermittent fractures with invagination of the distal h. into the proximal portion, with intervening lengths of normal h., giving the appearance of bamboo; seen in Netherton's syndrome; autosomal recessive trait.trichorrhexis invaginata;
bayonet h. a spindle-shaped developmental defect occurring at the tapered end of the h.
beaded h. monilethrix
burrowing h.'s ingrown h.'s
club h. a h. in resting state, prior to shedding, in which the bulb has become a club-shaped mass.
exclamation point h. the type of dystrophic anagen h. found at margins of patches of alopecia areata; the bulb is absent.
Frey's h.'s short h.'s of varying degrees of stiffness, set at right angles into the end of a light wooden handle; used for assessing sensation.
ingrown h.'s h.'s that grow at more acute angles than is normal, and in all directions; they incompletely clear the follicle, turn back in, and cause pseudofolliculitis.burrowing h.'s;
kinky h. tightly curled or bent h. See kinky-hair disease.
lanugo h. lanugo
moniliform h. monilethrix
nettling h.'s sharp-pointed barbed h.'s of certain caterpillars which cause a dermatitis when brought in contact with the skin.
ringed h. a rare condition in which the h. shows alternate pigmented and bright segments, the latter due to air cavities within the cortex.leukotrichia annularis, pili annulati, thrix annulata, trichonosus versicolor;
scalp h. a hair of the head.capillus [NA] ;
Schridde's cancer h.'s thick lusterless h.'s scattered in the beard and the temporal region, said to occur in cancerous patients but found also in persons with other cachectic conditions.
stellate h. h. split in several strands at the free end.
tactile h. the vibrissae or whiskers of animals such as rats and cats which have especially well developed touch endings in the follicular wall.
taste h.'s hairlike projections of gustatory cells of taste buds; electron micrographs show them to be clusters of microvilli.
terminal h. a mature pigmented, coarse h.
twisted h.'s pili torti, under pilus
vellus h. colorless, soft, fine postnatal to adult h.
woolly h. tightly coiled h., oval in cross-section, with the texture of wool.


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