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amine (a-men´, am´in)

A substance formally derived from ammonia by the replacement of one or more of the hydrogen atoms by hydrocarbon or other radicals. The substitution of one hydrogen atom constitutes a primary a. , e.g., NH2CH3; that of two atoms, a secondary a. , e.g., NH(CH3)2; that of three atoms, a tertiary a. , e.g., N(CH3)3; and that of four atoms, a quaternary ammonium ion , e.g., +N( CH3)4, a positively charged ion isolated only in association with a negative ion. The a.'s form salts with acids.
adrenergic a. sympathomimetic a
adrenomimetic a. sympathomimetic a
biogenic a.'s a class of compounds, each containing an a. group, produced by a living organism. This class normally does not include amino acids.
a. oxidase (copper-containing) an oxidoreductase containing copper, and perhaps pyridoxal phosphate, and carrying out the same reaction as a. oxidase (flavin-containing).a. oxidase (pyridoxal-containing), diamine oxidase, diamino oxyhydrase, histaminase;
a. oxidase (flavin-containing) an oxidoreductase containing flavin and oxidizing amines with the aid of O2 and water to aldehydes or ketones with the release of NH3 and H2O2. Acted upon by antidepressants.adrenaline oxidase, diamine oxidase, monoamine oxidase, tyraminase, tyramine oxidase;
a. oxidase (pyridoxal-containing) a. oxidase (copper-containing)
pressor a. pressor base
sympathetic a. sympathomimetic a
sympathomimetic a. an agent that evokes responses similar to those produced by adrenergic nerve activity (e.g., epinephrine, ephedrine, isoproterenol).adrenergic a., adrenomimetic a., sympathetic a;
vasoactive a. a substance, such as histamine or serotonin, that contains amino groups and is pharmacologically characterized by its action on the blood vessels (altering vascular caliber or permeability).


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