hemianopia (hem´e-a-no´pe-a)

Loss of vision for one half of the visual field of one or both eyes.hemianopsia;
absolute h. h. in which the affected field is totally insensitive to all visual stimuli.complete h;
altitudinal h. a defect in the visual field in which the upper or lower half is lost; may be unilateral or bilateral.
binasal h. blindness in the nasal field of vision of both eyes.
bitemporal h. blindness in the temporal field of vision of both eyes.
complete h. absolute h
congruous h. h. in which the visual field defects in both eyes are completely symmetrical in extent and intensity.
crossed h. heteronymous h
heteronymous h. attitudinal h. involving the upper field of one eye and the lower field of the other; or a binasal or bitemporal h.crossed h;
homonymous h. blindness in the corresponding (right or left) field of vision of each eye.
incomplete h. h. involving less than half the visual field of each eye.
incongruous h. an incomplete or asymmetric homonymous h.
pseudo-h. a condition in which individual stimuli are seen correctly, but when the nasal visual field of one eye and the temporal visual field of the fellow eye are stimulated simultaneously, one field is blind.visual extinction;
quadrantic h. quadrantanopia
unilateral h. , uniocular h. loss of sight in one-half of the visual field of one eye only.


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