hemisphere (hem´i-sfer)

Half of a spherical structure.hemispherium cerebri [NA], cerebral h. (1) ; hemispherium (1) [NA] ; [hemi- + G. sphaira, ball, globe]
h. of bulb of penis one of the lateral halves of the bulb of the penis that are separated by a median groove on the posterior part of the undersurface.hemispherium bulbi urethrae;
cerebellar h. the large part of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis cerebelli.hemispherium cerebelli [NA], hemispherium (2) [NA] ;
cerebral h. 1. hemisphere 2. the large mass of the telencephalon, on either side of the midline, consisting of the cerebral cortex and its associated fiber systems, together with the deeper-lying subcortical telencephalic nuclei (i.e., basal ganglia [nuclei]).
dominant h. that cerebral hemisphere containing the representation of speech and controlling the arm and leg used preferentially in skilled movements; usually the left hemisphere.


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