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ammonium (a-mo´ne-um)

The ion, NH4+, formed by combination of NH3 and H+ (the pKa value is 9.24); behaves as a univalent metal in forming ammonium compounds.
a. benzoate C6H5COONH4;a stimulant diuretic, urinary antiseptic, and antirheumatic.
a. bromide NH4Br;a sedative.
a. carbonate (NH4)2CO3;a cardiac and respiratory stimulant and carminative expectorant.
a. chloride NH4Cl;a stimulant expectorant and cholagogue; used to relieve alkalosis and to promote lead excretion; a urinary acidifier.sal ammoniac;
dibasic a. phosphate (NH4)2HPO4;used for fireproofing, in baking powder, and as an antirheumatic.
a. ferric sulfate ferric ammonium sulfate
a. ichthosulfonate ichthammol
a. iodide NH4I;an expectorant.
a. mandelate mandelic acid ammonium salt; a urinary antiseptic.
a. molybdate H24Mo7N6O24;used in electron microscopy as a negative stain, and as a reagent for alkaloids and other substances.
monobasic a. phosphate (NH4)H2PO4;used in baking powder.
a. nitrate NH4NO3;used in making nitrous oxide gas, in freezing mixtures, matches, and fertilizers; also used in veterinary medicine.


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