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hilum, pl. hila (hI´lum, hI´la) [NA]

1. The part of an organ where the nerves and vessels enter and leave.porta (1) ; 2. A depression or slit resembling the h. in the olivary nucleus of the brain. [L. a small bit or trifle]
h. of dentate nucleus the mouth of the flasklike dentate nucleus of the cerebellum, directed inward, and giving exit to many of the fibers which compose the superior cerebellar peduncle or brachium conjunctivum.h. nuclei dentati [NA] ;
h. of kidney the depression on the medial border of the kidney through which pass the segmental renal vessels and renal nerves and where the apex of the renal pelvis occurs.h. renalis [NA], porta renis;
h. li´enis * official alternate term for h. of spleen
h. of lung a wedge-shaped depression on the mediastinal surface of each lung, where the bronchus, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics enter or leave the viscus.h. pulmonis [NA], porta pulmonis;
h. of lymph node the depressed area of the surface of a lymph node through which the efferent lymphatics emerge from the medulla and through which blood vessels enter and leave the node.h. nodi lymphatici [NA] ;
h. no´di lympha´tici [NA] h. of lymph node
h. nu´clei denta´ti [NA] h. of dentate nucleus
h. nu´clei oliva´ris [NA] h. of olivary nucleus
h. of olivary nucleus the medially oriented opening in the folded cell layer composing the inferior olivary nucleus through which the efferent fibers of the nucleus make their exit.h. nuclei olivaris [NA] ;
h. ova´rii [NA] h. of ovary
h. of ovary the depression along the mesovarian margin, at the insertion of the mesovarium, where vessels and nerves enter or leave the ovary.h. ovarii [NA] ;
h. pulmo´nis [NA] h. of lung
h. rena´lis [NA] h. of kidney
h. of spleen a fissure on the gastric surface of the spleen, giving passage to the splenic vessels and nerves.h. splenicum [NA], h. lienis, porta lienis;
h. sple´nicum [NA] h. of spleen


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