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hormone (hor´mon)

A chemical substance, formed in one organ or part of the body and carried in the blood to another organ or part; depending on the specificity of their effects, h.'s can alter the functional activity, and sometimes the structure, of just one organ or of various numbers of them. A number of h.'s are formed by ductless glands, but secretin and pancreozymin, formed in the gastrointestinal tract, by definition are also h.'s. For h.'s not listed below, see specific names. [G. hormon, pres. part. of hormao, to rouse or set in motion]
adipokinetic h. adipokinin
adrenal androgen-stimulating h. (AASH) a putative pituitary h. that may be responsible for increased secretion of adrenal androgens at the time of puberty.
adrenocortical h.'s h.'s secreted by the human adrenal cortex; e.g., cortisol, aldosterone, corticosterone.
adrenocorticotropic h. (ACTH) the h. of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis which governs the nutrition and growth of the adrenal cortex, stimulates it to functional activity, and also possesses extraadrenal adipokinetic activity; it is a polypeptide containing 39 amino acids, but exact structure varies from one species to another; sometimes prefixed by a to distinguish it from beta-corticotropin. The first thirteen amino acids at the N-terminal region are identical to a-melanotropin.adrenocorticotropin, adrenotropic h., adrenotropin, corticotropic h., corticotropin (1) ;
adrenomedullary h.'s h.'s produced by the adrenal medulla, particularly the catecholamines, epinephrin, and norepinephrine.
adrenotropic h. adrenocorticotropic h
androgenic h. any h. that produces a masculinizing effect; of the naturally occurring androgenic h.'s, testosterone is the most potent.
anterior pituitary-like h. chorionic gonadotropin
antidiuretic h. (ADH) vasopressin
cardiac h. herz h
chorionic gonadotropic h. , chorionic gonadotrophic h. chorionic gonadotropin
chorionic "growth h.-prolactin" (CGP) human placental lactogen
chromatophorotropic h. See melanotropin.
corpus luteum h. progesterone
cortical h.'s steroid h.'s produced by the adrenal cortex.
corticotropic h. adrenocorticotropic h
corticotropin releasing h. (CRH) a factor secreted by the hypothalamus that stimulates the pituitary to release adrenocorticotropic h.corticoliberin, corticotropin releasing factor (2) ;
ectopic h. a h. formed by tissue outside the normal endocrine site of production; e.g., adrenocorticotropic h. produced by a bronchogenic carcinoma.inappropriate h;
endocrine h.'s h.'s produced by the endocrine system. Cf. tissue h.'s.
erythropoietic h. 1. generally, any h. that promotes the formation of red blood cells, e.g., testosterone; 2. erythropoietin
estrogenic h. estradiol
follicle-stimulating h. (FSH) follitropin
follicle-stimulating hormone-releasing h. (FSH-RH) folliberin
follicular h. estrone
galactopoietic h. prolactin
gametokinetic h. follitropin
gastrointestinal h. any secretion of the gastrointestinal mucosa affecting the timing and quantity of various digestive secretions (e.g., secretin) or causing enhanced motility of the target organ (e.g., cholecystokinin).
gonadal h.'s sex h.'s
gonadotropic h. gonadotropin
gonadotropin-releasing h. (GnRH, GRH) gonadoliberin (1)
growth h. (GH) somatotropin
growth hormone inhibiting h. (GIH) somatostatin
growth h.-releasing h. (GHRH, GH-RH) somatoliberin
heart h. herz h
herz h. a substance present in extracts of cardiac tissue that augments cardiac contraction; possibly adenosine, a catecholamine, or some nonspecific stimulant present generally in tissues.cardiac h., heart h;
human chorionic somatomammotropic h. (HCS) human placental lactogen
hypophysiotropic h. a h. that stimulates the rate of secretion of hypophysial h.'s; e.g., a releasing factor.
inappropriate h. ectopic h
interstitial cell-stimulating h. lutropin
lactation h. prolactin
lactogenic h. prolactin
lipid-mobilizing h. lipotropin
lipotropic h. (LPH) , lipotropic pituitary h. lipotropin
local h. a metabolic product secreted by one set of cells that affects the function of nearby cells; an autacoid; e.g., prostaglandins and neurotransmitters.
luteinizing h. (LH) lutropin
luteinizing h.-releasing h. (LH-RH, LRH) luliberin
luteotropic h. (LTH) luteotropin
mammotropic h. prolactin
melanocyte-stimulating h. (MSH) melanotropin
melanotropin release-inhibiting h. (MIH) melanostatin
melanotropin-releasing h. (MRH) melanoliberin
neurohypophysial h.'s h.'s produced in the hypothalamus; e.g., oxytocin, vasopressin.
ovarian hormone relaxin
pancreatic hyperglycemic h. glucagon
parathyroid h. (PTH) a peptide h. formed by the parathyroid glands; it raises the serum calcium when administered parenterally by causing bone resorption.parathormone, parathyrin;
pituitary gonadotropic h. anterior pituitary gonadotropin
pituitary growth h. somatotropin
placental growth h. human placental lactogen
pregnancy h. progesterone
progestational h. progesterone
prolactin-inhibiting h. (PIH) prolactostatin
prolactin-releasing h. prolactoliberin
proparathyroid h. the immediate precursor of parathyroid h.; proparathyroid differs from parathyroid h. by an N-terminal hexapeptide extension.
releasing h. (RH) releasing factors
salivary gland h. parotin
sex h.'s a general term covering those steroid h.'s that are formed by testicular, ovarian, and adrenocortical tissues, and that are androgens or estrogens.gonadal h.'s;
somatotropic h. (STH) somatotropin
somatotropin release-inhibiting h. (SIH) somatostatin
somatotropin-releasing h. (SRH) somatoliberin
steroid h.'s those h.'s possessing the steroid ring system; e.g., androgens, estrogens, adrenocortical h.'s.
sympathetic h. sympathin
thyroid-stimulating h. (TSH) thyrotropin
thyrotropic h. thyrotropin
thyrotropin-releasing h. (TRH) thyroliberin
tissue h.'s h.'s synthesized by cells other than those in the endocrine system. Cf. endocrine h.'s.
tropic h.'s , trophic h.'s those h.'s of the anterior lobe of the pituitary that affect the growth, nutrition, or function of other endocrine glands.
vertebrate h.'s h.'s synthesized in vertebrates.


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