hydrocele (hI´dro-sel)

A collection of serous fluid in a sacculated cavity; specifically, such a collection in the tunica vaginalis testis, or in a separate pocket along the spermatic cord. [hydro- + G. kele, hernia]
cervical h. a cyst formed by secretion into a persistent duct or fissure of the neck; when it involves lymph channels, it is usually a lymphangioma.h. colli;
h. col´li cervical h
communicating h. associated with patent processus vaginalis.
congenital h. a collection of fluid in the unobliterated processus vaginalis leading from the abdominal cavity to the investing sac of the testis.
cord h. isolated h. of spermatic cord.
Dupuytren's h. bilocular h. in which the sac fills the scrotum and also extends into the abdominal cavity beneath the peritoneum.
h. fem´inae accumulation of serous fluid in the labium majus or in Nuck's canal.h. muliebris, Nuck's h;
filarial h. h. due to microfilaria (chiefly of Wuchereria bancrofti) in the tunica vaginalis.
funicular h. fluid in a portion of the tunica vaginalis shut off from both testis and abdominal cavity.
h. mulie´bris h. feminae
noncommunicating h. obliterated patent processus vaginalis; and isolated h.
Nuck's h. h. feminae
h. spina´lis spina bifida


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