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hygiene (hi´jen)

1. The science of health and its maintenance. 2. Cleanliness that promotes health and well being, especially of a personal nature. [G. hygieinos, healthful, fr. hygies, healthy]
criminal h. obsolete term for the branch of mental h. or penology devoted to the study of the causes and prevention of criminality and the treatment of criminals.
industrial h. practices adopted by an industrial concern to minimize occupation-related disease and/or injury.
mental h. the science and practice of maintaining and restoring mental health; a branch of early twentieth century psychiatry that has become an interdisciplinary field including subspecialties in psychology, nursing, social work, law, and other professions.
oral h. the cleaning of the mouth by means of brushing, flossing, irrigating, massaging, or the use of other devices. See also oral physiotherapy.


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