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ampulla , gen and pl. ampullae (am-pul´la, -e) [NA]

A saccular dilation of a canal or duct. [L. a two-handled bottle]
a. canalic´uli lacrima´lis [NA] a. of lacrimal canaliculus
a. chy´li cisterna chyli
a. duc´tus deferen´tis [NA] a. of ductus deferens
a. duc´tus lacrima´lis incorrect term for a. of lacrimal canaliculus.
duodenal a. 1. the dilated portion of the superior part of the duodenum;a. duodeni [NA]; See also duodenal cap. 2. hepatopancreatic a
a. duode´ni [NA] duodenal a. (1)
a. of gallbladder Hartmann's pouch
Henle's a. a. of ductus deferens
hepatopancreatic a. the dilation within the major duodenal papilla that normally receives both the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct.a. hepatopancreatica [NA] , duodenal a. (2) , Vater's a;
a. hepat´opancreat´ica [NA] hepatopancreatic a
a. of lacrimal canaliculus a slight dilation at the angle of the lacrimal canaliculus immediately beyond the lacrimal punctum.a. canaliculi lacrimalis [NA];
a. lactif´era lactiferous sinus
lactiferous a. lactiferous sinus
a. membrana´cea , pl. ampullae membrana´ceae [NA] a. of the semicircular ducts
membranous a. a. of the semicircular ducts
a. of milk duct lactiferous sinus
a. os´sea , pl. ampullae os´seae [NA] a. of the semicircular canals
osseous a. a. of the semicircular canals
phrenic a. a physiologic localized dilatation of the distal esophagus, commonly demonstrated by esophagography.
rectal a. a dilated portion of the rectum just above the anal canal.a. recti [NA] , a. of rectum;
a. rec´ti [NA] rectal a
a. of rectum rectal a
a. of the semicircular canals a circumscribed dilation of one extremity of each of the three bony semicircular canals, anterior, posterior, and lateral; each contains an a. of the semicircular ducts.a. ossea [NA] , osseous a;
a. of the semicircular ducts a nearly spherical enlargement of one end of each of the three semicircular ducts, anterior, posterior, and lateral, where they connect with the utricle. Each contains a neuroepithelial crista ampullaris.a. membranacea [NA] , membranous a;
Thoma's a. a dilation of the arterial capillary beyond the sheathed artery of the spleen.
a. tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] a. of uterine tube
a. of uterine tube the wide portion of the uterine (fallopian) tube near the fimbriated extremity; it has a complexly folded mucosa with a columnar epithelium of mostly ciliated cells between which are secretory cells.a. tubae uterinae [NA];
a. of ductus deferens the dilation of the ductus deferens where it approaches its contralateral partner just before it is joined by the duct of the seminal vesicle.a. ductus deferentis [NA] , Henle's a;
Vater's a. hepatopancreatic a


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