hypoglycemia (hI´po-glI-se´me-a)

An abnormally small concentration of glucose in the circulating blood, i.e., less than the minimum of the normal range.glucopenia;
fasting h. excessively low blood glucose in association with fasting; can be seen in patients with hyperinsulinism but also occurs without definable disease.
leucine h. reduction in blood glucose concentration produced by administration of leucine; believed to reflect the ability of this amino acid to stimulate insulin secretion.
leucine-induced h. rare cause of h. occurring following ingestion of leucine. Seen especially in infants.
mixed h. h. due to more than one cause.
neonatal h. [MIM*240900] familial onset of symptomatic h. during infancy, with persistently low blood glucose; a variant form [MIM*240800] is leucine-induced with hyperinsulinism and variable mental retardation.


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