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hypotension (hI´po-ten´shun)

1. Subnormal arterial blood pressure.hypopiesis; 2. Reduced pressure or tension of any kind. [hypo- + L. tensio, a stretching]
arterial h. See hypotension (1).
idiopathic orthostatic h. the tendency for blood pressure to drop for unknown reasons on assuming upright posture.
induced h. , controlled h. deliberate acute reduction of arterial blood pressure to reduce operative blood loss by pharmacologic means during anesthesia and surgery.
intracranial h. subnormal pressure of cerebrospinal fluid; most commonly following lumbar puncture and associated with headache, nausea, vomiting, stiffness of the neck, and sometimes fever; may also result from dehydration.
orthostatic h. a form of low blood pressure that occurs in a standing posture.orthostatic hypopiesis, postural h;
postural h. orthostatic h


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