image (im´ij)

1. Representation of an object made by the rays of light emanating or reflected from it. 2. Representation produced by x-rays, ultrasound, tomography, thermography, radioisotopes, etc.; as a verb, to produce such representations. [L. imago, likeness]
accidental i. afterimage
body i. 1. the cerebral representation of all body sensation organized in the parietal cortex; 2. personal conception of one's own body as distinct from one's actual anatomic body or the conception other persons have of it.body schema;
catatropic i. Purkinje-Sanson i.'s
direct i. virtual i
eidetic i. vivid mental i. in the form of a dream, fantasy, or an unusual power of memory and visualization of objects previously seen or imagined.
false i. the i. in the deviating eye in strabismus.
heteronymous i. a double i. in physiological diplopia, when fixation is directed beyond an object; the right i. arises from the left eye, while the left i. arises from the right eye; i.e., there is a crossed diplopia.
homonymous i.'s double i.'s produced by stimuli arising from points proximal to the horopter.homonymous diplopia, simple diplopia, uncrossed diplopia;
hypnagogic i. imagery occurring between wakefulness and sleep.
hypnopompic i. imagery occurring after the sleeping state and before complete wakefulness; similar to hypnagogic imagery except for the time of occurrence.
inverted i. real i
mental i. a picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
mirror i. a representation of an object or part thereof as its reflected i. in a glass mirror.
motor i. the i. of body movements.
negative i. afterimage
optical i. an i. formed by the refraction or reflection of light.
phase i. a magnetic resonance i. showing only phase shift information, to detect motion.
Purkinje i.'s Purkinje-Sanson i.'s
Purkinje-Sanson i.'s the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea and the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens.catatropic i., Purkinje i.'s, Sanson's i.'s;
real i. an i. formed by the convergence of the actual rays of light from an object.inverted i;
retinal i. a real i. formed on the retina.
Sanson's i.'s Purkinje-Sanson i.'s
sensory i. an i. based on one or more types of sensation.
specular i. the i. of a source of light made visible by the reflection from a mirror.
tactile i. an i. of an object as perceived by the sense of touch.
unequal retinal i. aniseikonia
virtual i. an erect i. formed by projection of divergent rays from an optical i;
visual i. a collection of foci corresponding to all the luminous points of an object.


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