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implantation (im-plan-ta´shun)

1. Attachment of the fertilized ovum (blastocyst) to the endometrium, and its subsequent embedding in the compact layer, occurring 6 or 7 days after fertilization of the ovum. 2. Insertion of a natural tooth into an artificially constructed alveolus. 3. Tissue grafting. See also transplantation.
central i. i. in which the blastocyst remains in the uterine cavity, as in carnivores, rhesus monkeys, and rabbits.circumferential i., superficial i;
circumferential i. central i
cortical i. i. of blastocyst in the ovarian cortex, causing an ovarian pregnancy. See ectopic pregnancy.
delayed i. a phenomenon characterized by an interval ranging from a few weeks to approximately 6 months between the time an ovum is fertilized and subsequent i. of the zygote, as in the marten and the armadillo.
eccentric i. i. in which the blastocyst lies in a uterine crypt, as in the mouse, rat, and hamster.
interstitial i. i. in which the blastocyst lies within the substance of the endometrium, as in humans and guinea pigs.
nerve i. planting one nerve into the sheath of another nerve.
pellet i. intramuscular or subcutaneous insertion of an active therapeutic agent in pellet form to provide protracted absorption at a rate slower than subcutaneous or intramuscular injection and as a means of providing a sustained therapeutic effect without repeated administration.
periosteal i. insertion of a normal tendon into a periosteum as part of a tendon transplantation operation.
subcutaneous i. insertion of material under the skin.
superficial i. central i


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