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impression (im-presh´un)

1. A mark seemingly made by pressure of one structure or organ on another. See also groove for the various impressions of the lungs, e.g., descending aorta, subclavian artery and vena cavae. 2. An effect produced upon the mind by some external object acting through the organs of sense.mental i; 3. An imprint or negative likeness; especially, the negative form of the teeth and/or other tissues of the oral cavity, made in a plastic material which becomes relatively hard or set while in contact with these tissues, made in order to reproduce a positive form or cast of the recorded tissues; classified, according to the materials of which they are made, as reversible and irreversible hydrocolloid i., modeling plastic i., plaster i., and wax i.impressio [NA] ; [L. impressio, fr. im- primo, pp. -pressus, to press upon]
basilar i. an invagination of the base of the skull into the posterior fossa with compression of the brainstem and cerebellar structures into the foramen magnum. Cf. platybasia.
cardiac i. of liver a depression on the superior area of the diaphragmatic surface of the liver corresponding to the position of the heart.impressio cardiaca hepatis [NA] ;
cardiac i. of lung the depression on the medial surface of each lung produced by the presence of the heart. It is more pronounced on the left lung.impressio cardiaca pulmonis [NA] ;
i. for cerebral gyri the depressions on the inner surface of the skull which correspond to the convolutions of the brain.impressiones digitatae [NA], digitate i.'s;
colic i. a hollow on the visceral surface of the right lobe of the liver anteriorly, corresponding to the situation of the right flexure and beginning of the transverse colon.impressio colica [NA] ;
complete denture i. 1. an i. of an edentulous arch made for the purpose of constructing a complete denture; 2. a negative registration of the entire denture-bearing, stabilizing area of either the maxillae or mandible; 3. a negative registration of the entire denture foundation and border seal areas present in the edentulous mouth.
i. for costoclavicular ligament an irregular pitted area on the inferior surface of the clavicle at its sternal end, giving attachment to the costoclavicular ligament.impressio ligamenti costoclavicularis [NA], costal tuberosity, rhomboid i., tuberositas costalis;
deltoid i. deltoid tuberosity
digitate i.'s i. for cerebral gyri
direct bone i. an i. of denuded bone, used in the construction of subperiosteal denture implants.
duodenal i. a hollow on the visceral surface of the right lobe of the liver alongside the gallbladder, marking the situation of the duodenum.impressio duodenalis [NA] ;
esophageal i. the marking of the esophagus on the back of the left lobe of the liver.impressio esophagea [NA] ;
i.'s of esophagus esophageal constrictions, under constriction
final i. in dentistry, the i. that is used to make the master cast.
gastric i. a hollow on the visceral surface of the left lobe of the liver corresponding to the location of the stomach.impressio gastrica [NA] ;
mental i. impression (2)
partial denture i. an i. or negative copy of all or a part of the partially edentulous dental arch or area, made for the purpose of designing or constructing a partial denture.
petrosal i. of the pallium a shallow impression on the inferior surface of the cerebral hemisphere made by the superior margin of the petrous part of the temporal bone.impressio petrosa pallii;
preliminary i. , primary i. in dentistry, one made for the purpose of diagnosis or the construction of a tray.
renal i. a hollow on the visceral surface of the right lobe of the liver, in which lies the right kidney.impressio renalis [NA] ;
rhomboid i. i. for costoclavicular ligament
sectional i. an i. that is made in sections.
suprarenal i. a hollow on the visceral surface of the right lobe of the liver, adjoining the groove for inferior venae cava, in which lies the right suprarenal gland.impressio suprarenalis [NA] ;
trigeminal i. a depression on the anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, near the apex, lodging the trigeminal ganglion.impressio trigeminalis [NA] ;


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