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infundibulum, pl. infundibula (in-fun-dib´yu-lum, -yu-la)

1. [NA] A funnel or funnel-shaped structure or passage. 2. i. of uterine tube 3. The expanding portion of a calix as it opens into the pelvis of the kidney. 4. [NA] arterial cone 5. Termination of a bronchiole in the alveolus. 6. Termination of the cochlear canal beneath the cupola. 7. [NA] The funnel-shaped, unpaired prominence of the base of the hypothalamus behind the optic chiasm, enclosing the infundibular recess of the third ventricle and continuous below with the stalk of the hypophysis. 8. The contact surface indentation in the incisor and cheek teeth of a horse.i. of teeth, mark (2) ; [L. a funnel]
ethmoid i. ethmoidal i
ethmoidal i. a passage from the middle meatus of the nose communicating with the anterior ethmoidal cells and frontal sinus.i. ethmoidale [NA], ethmoid i;
i. ethmoida´le [NA] ethmoidal i
i. hypothal´ami [NA] hypothalamic i
hypothalamic i. the apical portion of the tuber cinereum extending into the stalk of the hypophysis.i. hypothalami [NA] ;
i. of lungs in the embryo, one of the expanded extremities of the subdivisions of the lung buds; in later development minute pouches (the air sacs) appear in its wall.
i. of teeth infundibulum (8)
i. tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] i. of uterine tube
i. of uterine tube the funnel-like expansion of the abdominal extremity of the uterine (fallopian) tube.i. tubae uterinae [NA], infundibulum (2) ;


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