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injury (in´jer-e)

The damage or wound of trauma. [L. injuria, fr. in- neg. + jus (jur-), right]
blast i. tearing of lung tissue or rupture of abdominal viscera without external i., as by the force of an explosion.
closed head i. a head i. in which continuity of the scalp and mucous membranes is maintained.
contrecoup i. of brain an i. occurring beneath the skull opposite to the area of impact.
coup i. of brain an i. occurring directly beneath the skull at the area of impact.
current of i. See current of injury.
degloving i. avulsion of the skin of the hand (or foot) in which the part is skeletonized by removal of most or all of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
egg-white i. egg-white syndrome
hyperextension-hyperflexion i. violence to the body causing the unsupported head to hyperextend and hyperflex the neck rapidly; does not imply any specific resultant trauma or pathology.
i. of intervertebral disk See traumatic cervical discopathy.
open head i. a head i. in which there is a loss of continuity of scalp or mucous membranes; the term is sometimes used to indicate a communication between the exterior and the intracranial cavity. See also penetrating wound.
pneumatic tire i. separation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue from the underlying fascia, classically occurring when an extremity is crushed and rolled over by the tire of a vehicle but may be incurred through other mechanisms that produce shear forces; may occur particularly in cases of obesity.
reperfusion i. myocardial impairment, usually with arrhythmia, following the opening of arterial blockage and considered to be due to oxygen-derived free radicals.
steering wheel i. trauma to the anterior chest wall caused by impact with the steering wheel during an automobile accident; can include fractured sternum and ribs, cardiac contusion, tear of the aorta or other great vessels, as well as lung injuries.
whiplash i. popular term for hyperextension-hyperflexion i.


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