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instinct (in´stinkt)

1. An enduring disposition or tendency of an organism to act in an organized and biologically adaptive manner characteristic of its species. 2. The unreasoning impulse to perform some purposive action without an immediate consciousness of the end to which that action may lead. 3. In psychoanalytic theory, the forces assumed to exist behind the tension caused by the needs of the id. [L. instinctus, impulse]
aggressive i. death i
death i. the i. of all living creatures toward self-destruction, death, or a return to the inorganic lifelessness from which they arose.aggressive i;
ego i.'s self-preservative needs and self-love, as opposed to object love; drives that are primarily erotic.
herd i. tendency or inclination to band together with and share the customs of others of a group, and to conform to the opinions and adopt the views of the i;
life i. the i. of self-preservation and sexual procreation; the basic urge toward preservation of the species.sexual i;
sexual i. life i
social i. herd i


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