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instrument (in´stru-ment)

A tool or implement. [L. instrumentum]
diamond cutting i.'s in dentistry, cylinders, disks, and other cutting i.'s to which numerous small diamond pyramids have been attached by a plating of metal.
Krueger i. stop a mechanical device limiting the insertion of a root canal i. into a canal.
plugging i. plugger
purse-string i. an intestinal clamp with jaws at an angle to the handle; when closed across the bowel, large grooved interdigitating serrations allow passage of a straight needle and suture through each side to form a purse-string suture, after which the clamp is removed.
Sabouraud-Noiré i. an obsolete device for measuring the quantity of x-rays by means of the change in color of a disk of barium platinocyanide which exposure to them produces; the unit used in this method is called tint B = erythema dose.
stereotactic i. , stereotaxic i. an apparatus attached to the head, used to localize precisely an area in the brain by means of coordinates related to intracerebral structures.
test handle i. a root canal i. the handle of which is similar to a collet chuck and which can be secured in position on the root canal i. to adjust its effective length.


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