insulin (in´su-lin)

A polypeptide hormone, secreted by beta cells in the islets of Langerhans, that promotes glucose utilization, protein synthesis, and the formation and storage of neutral lipids; obtained from various animals and available in a variety of preparations, i. is used parenterally in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. [L. insula, island, + -in]
biphasic i. the specific antidiabetic principle of the pancreas of the ox in a solution of that from the pancreas of the pig.
globin i. regular i
globin zinc i. a sterile solution of i. modified by the addition of zinc chloride and globin; it contains 40 or 80 units per ml; duration of action is about 18 hours.
human i. a protein that has the normal structure of i. produced by the human pancreas, prepared by recombinant DNA techniques and by semisynthetic processes.
immunoreactive i. (IRI) that portion of i. in blood measured by immunochemical methods for the hormone; presumed to represent the free (unbound) and biologically active fraction of total blood i.
isophane i. a modified form of i. composed of i., protamine, and zinc; an intermediately acting preparation used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.NPH i;
lente i. insulin zinc suspension
NPH i. isophane i [Neutral Protamine Hagedorn]
protamine zinc i. i. modified by the addition of protamine and zinc chloride; it contains 40 or 80 units per ml.
regular i. a rapidly acting form of i. which is a clear solution and may be administered intravenously as well as subcutaneously; may be mixed with longer acting forms of i. to extend the duration of effect. Onset of effect occurs in 1 / 2 to 1 hour, peak effects are observed in 2 to 3 hours, and the duration of effect is about 5 to 7 hours.globin i;
semilente i. prompt insulin zinc suspension
ultralente i. a form of zinc precipitated i. in suspension in which the particle size is large, and thus release into the bloodstream after subcutaneous injection is slow; it can be mixed with other i.'s having different particle sizes to achieve different durations of activity. Can be derived from porcine, bovine, or genetically engineered human type.


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