intestinum, pl. intestina (in-tes-tI´num, -na)

1. [NA] The digestive tube passing from the stomach to the anus. It is divided primarily into the i. tenue (small intestine) and the i. crassum (large intestine).bowel, intestine; 2. Inward; inner. [neuter of intestinus] gut (1) ; [L. intestinus, internal, ntr. as noun, the entrails, fr. intus, within]
i. ce´cum cecum (1)
i. cras´sum [NA] large intestine
i. il´eum twisted intestine. See ileum.
i. jeju´num empty intestine. See jejunum.
i. rec´tum straight intestine. See rectum.
i. ten´ue [NA] small intestine
i. ten´ue mesenteria´le the freely movable portion of the small intestine supplied with a mesentery, comprising the jejunum and ileum.mesenteric portion of small intestine;


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