iris, pl. irides (I´ris, ir´i-dez) [NA]

The anterior division of the vascular tunic of the eye, a diaphragm, perforated in the center (the pupil), attached peripherally to the scleral spur; it is composed of stroma and a double layer of pigmented retinal epithelium from which are derived the sphincter and dilator muscles of the pupil.orris; [G. rainbow, the iris of the eye]
i. bicolor a variegated or two-colored i.monocular heterochromia;
i. bombé a condition occurring in posterior annular synechia, in which an increase of fluid in the posterior chamber causes a forward bulging of the peripheral i.
plateau i. in angle-closure glaucoma, a flat appearance of the i. rather than a forward convexity.
tremulous i. iridodonesis


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