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keratitis (ker-a-tI´tis)

Inflammation of the cornea. See also keratopathy. [kerato- + G. -itis, inflammation]
actinic k. a reaction of the cornea to ultraviolet light.
deep punctate k. sharply defined opacities in an otherwise clear cornea, occurring in syphilitic iritis.
dendriform k. , dendritic k. a form of herpetic k.
diffuse deep k. k. profunda
Dimmer's k. k. nummularis
disciform k. large disk-shaped infiltration of the central or paracentral corneal stroma. This lesion is deep and nonsuppurative and is seen in virus infections, particularly herpetic.k. disciformis;
k. discifor´mis disciform k
exposure k. inflammation of the cornea resulting from irritation caused by inability to close the eyelids.lagophthalmic k;
fascicular k. a phlyctenular k. followed by the formation of a band or fascicle of blood vessels extending from the margin toward the center.
filamentary k. a condition characterized by the formation of epithelial filaments of varying size and length on the corneal surface.k. filamentosa;
k. filamento´sa filamentary k
geographic k. k. with coalescence of superficial lesions in herpes keratitis.
herpetic k. inflammation of the cornea (or cornea and conjunctiva) due to herpes simplex virus.herpes corneae, herpetic keratoconjunctivitis;
infectious bovine k. a highly contagious keratoconjunctivitis that occurs in range or pastured cattle during the summer months, is transmitted most commonly by contact with infectious discharges, and is caused by Moraxella bovis.
interstitial k. an inflammation of the corneal stroma, often with neovascularization.
lagophthalmic k. exposure k
k. linea´ris mi´grans a deep, linear corneal opacity stretching from limbus to limbus; associated with congenital syphilis.
marginal k. a corneal inflammation at the limbus.
metaherpetic k. a postinfectious corneal inflammation in herpetic k. leading to epithelial erosion; not due to virus replication.
mycotic k. an infection of the cornea of the eye caused by a fungus.
neuroparalytic k. neurotrophic k
neurotrophic k. inflammation of the cornea after corneal anesthesia.neuroparalytic k;
k. nummula´ris coin-shaped or round, discrete, grayish areas 0.5 to 1.5 mm in diameter scattered throughout the various layers of the cornea.Dimmer's k;
phlyctenular k. an inflammation of the corneal conjunctiva with the formation of small red nodules of lymphoid tissue (phlyctenulae) near the corneoscleral limbus.scrofulous k;
pneumococcal/suppurative k. serpiginous k
polymorphic superficial k. epithelial degeneration occurring in starvation.
k. profun´da an inflammation of the posterior corneal stroma.diffuse deep k;
punctate k. , k. puncta´ta keratic precipitates, under precipitate
sclerosing k. inflammation of the cornea complicating scleritis; characterized by opacification of the corneal stroma.
scrofulous k. phlyctenular k
serpiginous k. a severe, creeping, central, suppurative ulcer often due to pneumococci.pneumococcal/suppurative k., serpent ulcer of cornea;
k. sic´ca keratoconjunctivitis sicca
superficial linear k. spontaneous, painful k. with epithelial erosion and folds in Bowman's membrane.
superficial punctate k. epithelial punctate k. associated with viral conjunctivitis.Thygeson's disease;
trachomatous k. See pannus, corneal pannus.
vascular k. superficial cellular infiltration of the cornea and neovascularization between Bowman's membrane and the epithelium.
vesicular k. k. with coalescence of areas of epithelial corneal edema.
xerotic k. keratomalacia


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