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labyrinth (lab´i-rinth)

Any of several anatomical structures with numerous intercommunicating cells or canals. 1. The internal or inner ear, composed of the semicircular ducts, vestibule, and cochlea. 2. Any group of communicating cavities, as in each lateral mass of the ethmoid bone. 3. convoluted part of kidney lobule 4. A group of upright test tubes terminating below in a base of communicating, alternately -shaped and -shaped tubes, used for isolating motile from nonmotile organisms in culture, or a motile from a less motile organism (as the typhoid from the colon bacillus), the former traveling faster and farther through the tubes than the latter.
bony l. a series of cavities (cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals) contained within the otic capsule of the petrous portion of the temporal bone; the bony labyrinth is filled with perilymph, in which the delicate, endolymph-filled membranous labyrinth is suspended.labyrinthus osseus [NA], osseous l;
cochlear l. the content of the cochlea including the portion of the membranous labyrinth containing the spiral organ (cochlear duct) and the perilymphatic channels (scalae) which lie on either side.labyrinthus cochlearis [NA], organ of hearing;
ethmoidal l. a mass of air cells with thin bony walls forming part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity; the cells are arranged in three groups, anterior, middle, and posterior, and are closed laterally by the orbital plate which forms part of the wall of the orbit.labyrinthus ethmoidalis [NA], ectethmoid, ectoethmoid, lateral mass of ethmoid bone;
Ludwig's l. convoluted part of kidney lobule
membranous l. a complex arrangement of communicating membranous canaliculi and sacs, filled with endolymph and surrounded by perilymph, suspended within the cavity of the bony labyrinth; its chief divisions are the cochlear labyrinth and the vestibular labyrinth.labyrinthus membranaceus [NA];
osseous l. bony l
renal l. convoluted part of kidney lobule
Santorini's l. prostatic venous plexus
vestibular l. the portion of the membranous labyrinth located within the semicircular canals and the vestibule of the osseous labyrinth. It is surrounded with perilymph and involved with vestibular functions.labyrinthus vestibularis [NA];


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