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anesthetic (an-es-thet´ik)

1. A compound that reversibly depresses neuronal function, producing loss of ability to perceive pain and/or other sensations. 2. Collective designation for anesthetizing agents administered to an individual at a particular time. 3. Characterized by loss of sensation or capable of producing loss of sensation. 4. Associated with or due to the state of anesthesia.
flammable a. an inhalation a. that supports combustion and forms explosive mixtures with oxidizing gases.
general a. a compound that produces loss of sensation associated with loss of consciousness.
inhalation a. a gas or a liquid with sufficient vapor pressure to produce general anesthesia when breathed.
intravenous a. a compound that produces anesthesia when injected intravenously.
local a.'s drugs used for the interruption of the nerve transmission of pain sensations. They act at the site of application to prevent perception of pain; examples include procaine and lidocaine.
primary a. the compound that contributes most to loss of sensation when a mixture of anesthetics is administered.
secondary a. a compound that contributes to, but is not primarily responsible for, loss of sensation when two or more anesthetics are simultaneously administered.
spinal a. a local anesthetic agent producing loss of sensation when injected into the subarachnoid space.
topical a. a local a. preparation suitable for anesthetizing skin surfaces or mucous membranes. Can be used in the form of ointments, creams, jellies, sprays, or solutions.
volatile a. a liquid a. that at room temperature volatilizes to a vapor which when inhaled is capable of producing general anesthesia. See also anesthetic vapor.


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