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angina (an´ji-na, an-jI´na)

1. A severe, often constricting pain, usually referring to a. pectoris. 2. Old term for a sore throat from any cause. [L. quinsy]
abdominal a. , a. abdom´inis intermittent abdominal pain, frequently occurring at a fixed time after eating, caused by inadequacy of the mesenteric circulation from arteriosclerosis or other arterial disease.intestinal a;
agranulocytic a. agranulocytosis
crescendo a. a. pectoris that occurs with increasing frequency, intensity, or duration.
a. cru´ris intermittent claudication of the leg.
a. decu´bitus a. pectoris related to horizontal, usually supine, body position.
a. diphtherit´ica obsolete term for diphtheria involving the pharynx or larynx.
a. of effort a. pectoris precipitated by physical exertion.
false a. a.-like sensation(s) in absence of myocardial ischemia.
Heberden's a. a. pectoris
hypercyanotic a. anginal pain in cyanotic patients with congenital heart disease or chronic pulmonary disease, the pain developing with intensification of the cyanosis during activity.
intestinal a. abdominal a
a. inver´sa Prinzmetal's a
Ludwig's a. cellulitis, usually of odontogenic origin, bilaterally involving the submaxillary, sublingual, and submental spaces, resulting in painful swelling of the floor of the mouth, elevation of the tongue, dysphasia, dysphonia, and (at times) compromise of the airway. [W.F. Ludwig]
lymphatic a. an affection resembling Vincent's disease marked by an increase in the number of lymphocytes in the blood.
a. lymphomato´sa agranulocytosis
monocytic a. obsolete term for infectious mononucleosis.
necrotic a. obsolete term for a form of a. occurring usually as a complication of scarlet fever and more rarely of diphtheria, in which gangrenous patches are found in the mucous membrane of the air passages.
neutropenic a. agranulocytosis
a. no´tha obsolete term for a. pectoris vasomotoria.
a. pec´toris severe constricting pain in the chest, often radiating from the precordium to a shoulder (usually left) and down the arm, due to ischemia of the heart muscle usually caused by coronary disease.breast pang, coronarism (2) , heart stroke (2) , Heberden's a., Rougnon-Heberden disease, stenocardia;
a. pec´toris decu´bitus anginal pain developing while the subject is recumbent.
a. pec´toris si´ne dolor´e Gairdner's disease
a. pec´toris vasomoto´ria a. pectoris in which the breast pain is comparatively slight, but pallor followed by cyanosis, and coldness and numbness of the extremities, are marked.a. spuria, a. vasomotoria, pseudangina, pseudoangina, reflex a., vasomotor a;
preinfarction a. obsolete term for unstable angina.
Prinzmetal's a. a form of a. pectoris, characterized by pain that is not precipitated by cardiac work, is of longer duration, is usually more severe, and is associated with unusual electrocardiographic manifestations including elevated ST segments in leads that are ordinarily depressed in typical a., and usually without reciprocal ST changes; occurring at night in bed.a. inversa, variant a. pectoris;
reflex a. a. pectoris vasomotoria
a. scarlatino´sa obsolete term for sore throat of scarlet fever.
a. si´ne do´lore symptoms of coronary insufficiency occurring without pain.
a. spu´ria a. pectoris vasomotoria
unstable a. 1. a. pectoris characterized by pain in the chest of coronary origin occurring in response to progressively less exercise or fewer other stimuli than ordinarily required to produce a.; often leading to myocardial infarction, if untreated, and caused by coronary artery spasm rather than increased myocardial oxygen and demand. 2. a. that has not achieved a constant or reproducible pattern in 30 or 60 days.
variant a. pectoris Prinzmetal's a
vasomotor a. a. pectoris vasomotoria
a. vasomotor´ia a. pectoris vasomotoria
Vincent's a. an ulcerative infection of the oral soft tissues including the tonsils and pharynx caused by fusiform and spirochetal organisms; it is usually associated with necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis and may progress to noma. Death from suffocation or sepsis may occur.
walk-through a. a circumstance in which despite continuing activity, such as walking, the pain of a. pectoris diminishes or disappears.


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