leprosy (lep´ro-se)

1. A name used in the Bible to describe various cutaneous diseases, especially those of a chronic or contagious nature, which probably included psoriasis and leukoderma. 2. Hansen's disease [G. lepra, from lepros, scaly]
anesthetic l. a form of l. chiefly affecting the nerves, marked by hyperesthesia succeeded by anesthesia, and by paralysis, ulceration, and various trophic disturbances, terminating in gangrene and mutilation.Danielssen's disease, Danielssen-Boeck disease, dry l., trophoneurotic l;
articular l. a late stage of anesthetic l.mutilating l;
borderline l. a form of l. that is very unstable immunologically; the cutaneous nerves frequently present bacilli, but the lepromin test is usually negative; cutaneous lesions are comprised of flat bands or plaques.dimorphous l;
dimorphous l. borderline l
dry l. anesthetic l
histoid l. a form of lepromatous l. with lesions microscopically resembling dermatofibromas or other spindle-celled tumors.
indeterminate l. a transitory form of l. in which the immunologic status is not yet formed, and the histologic and clinical features are not yet characteristic of any of the major types of l.
lazarine l. Lucio's l [Lazarus, Biblical character]
lepromatous l. a form of l. in which nodular cutaneous lesions are infiltrated, have ill-defined borders, and are bacteriologically positive; the lepromin test is negative, i.e., the immunologic mechanism of the patient is not responsive to the Mycobacterium leprae infection.
Lucio's l. an acute form occurring in pure diffuse lepromatous l. presenting irregularly shaped, intensely erythematous, tender plaques, especially of the legs, with tendency to ulceration and scarring.lazarine l., Lucio's leprosy phenomenon;
macular l. a form of tuberculoid l. in which the lesions are small, hairless, and dry, and are erythematous in light skin and hypopigmented or copper-colored in dark skin.
Malabar l. elephantiasis
mouse l. , murine l. rat l
mutilating l. articular l
nodular l. tuberculoid l
rat l. a slowly but progressively fatal form of l. occurring in rats, caused by Mycobacterium lepraemurium; it appears in two forms, glandular and musculocutaneous; causes induration, alopecia, and eventually ulceration.mouse l., murine l;
smooth l. tuberculoid l
trophoneurotic l. anesthetic l
tuberculoid l. a benign, stable, and resistant form of the disease in which the lepromin reaction is strongly positive and in which the lesions are erythematous, insensitive, infiltrated plaques with clear-cut edges.nodular l., smooth l;


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