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lesion (le´zhun)

1. A wound or injury. 2. A pathologic change in the tissues. 3. One of the individual points or patches of a multifocal disease. [L. laedo, pp. laesus, to injure]
Baehr-Lohlein l. Lohlein-Baehr l
benign lymphoepithelial l. benign tumor-like masses of lymphoid tissue in the parotid gland, containing scattered small, mainly solid islands of epithelial cells.Godwin tumor;
Bracht-Wachter l. a focal collection of lymphocytes and mononuclear cells within the myocardium in bacterial endocarditis.
caviar l. a dilated vein or varicule existing in the venous collecting system under the tongue.
coin l. of lungs nodular opacity
Councilman's l. Councilman body
Dreulofoy's l. an abnormally large submucosal artery located in the proximal stomach that may be the site of acute and recurrent episodes of massive hemorrhage.
Duret's l. small hemorrhage(s) in the floor of the fourth ventricle or beneath the aqueduct of Sylvius.
Ghon's primary l. Ghon's tubercle
gross l. a l. plainly visible to the naked eye.
Hill-Sachs l. an irregularity seen in the head of the humerus following dislocation of the shoulder; caused by impaction of the head of the humerus against the edge of the glenoid.
Janeway l. one of the stigmata of infectious endocarditis: irregular, erythematous, flat, painless macules on the palms, soles, thenar and hypothenar eminences of the hands, tips of the fingers, and plantar surfaces of the toes; rarely a diffuse rash. In acute endocarditis the lesions may be hemorrhagic or purple.
Lennert's l. Lennert's lymphoma
Lohlein-Baehr l. focal embolic glomerulonephritis occurring in bacterial endocarditis.Baehr-Lohlein l;
lower motor neuron l. injury to motor cells in the brainstem or spinal cord, or of the axons derived from them.
Mallory-Weiss l. laceration of the gastric cardia, as seen in the Mallory-Weiss syndrome.Mallory-Weiss tear;
precancerous l. a noninvasive l. with a predictable likelihood of becoming malignant; e.g., actinic keratosis.
radial sclerosing l. a variant of sclerosing adenosis of the breast with central scar formation and radiating hyperplastic ducts.radial scar;
ring-wall l. a small ring hemorrhage in the brain that stimulates proliferation of a glial ring.
supranuclear l. injury to cerebral descending (corticonuclear) fibers above the brainstem or spinal motor nerve nucleus.upper motor neuron l;
upper motor neuron l. supranuclear l
wire-loop l. thickening of the basement membrane, with fibrinoid staining, of scattered peripheral capillaries in renal glomeruli; characteristic of renal involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus; the appearance of an affected capillary wall resembles a loop used in microbiology.


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