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light (lIt)

That portion of electromagnetic radiation to which the retina is sensitive. See also lamp. [A.S. leoht]
cold l. 1. bioluminescence (1) 2. fluorescent l. as opposed to incandescent l.
infrared l. See infrared.
invisible l. historic term for x-rays.
minimum l. See visual threshold.
polarized l. l. in which, as a result of reflection or transmission through certain media, the vibrations are all in one plane, transverse to the ray, instead of in all planes.
reflected l. l. directed backward from a mirror.
refracted l. bent rays of l. changed in passage from one transparent medium to another of unequal density. See also refraction.
transmitted l. l. passed through a transparent medium.
Wood's l. ultraviolet l. produced by Wood's lamp.


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