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limb (lim)

1. An extremity; a member; an arm or leg. 2. A segment of any jointed structure. See also leg. [A.S. lim]
ampullary l.'s of semicircular ducts ampullary crura of semicircular ducts, under crus
anacrotic l. the ascending l. of an arterial pulse tracing.
anterior l. of internal capsule the portion of the internal capsule between the head of the caudate nucleus and the putamen; it lies anterior to the genu of the internal capsule.crus anterius capsulae internae [NA];
anterior l. of stapes anterior crus of stapes
l.'s of bony semicircular canals crura of bony semicircular canals, under crus
common l. of membranous semicircular ducts common crus of semicircular ducts
l. of helix crus of helix
inferior l. lower l
lateral l. lateral crus
lower l. the hip, thigh, leg, ankle, and foot.membrum inferius [NA], inferior l., lower extremity, pelvic l;
medial l. medial crus
pelvic l. lower l
phantom l. the sensation that an amputated l. is still present, often associated with painful paresthesia.pseudesthesia (3), pseudoesthesia (3), stump hallucination;
posterior l. of internal capsule that subdivision of the internal capsule caudal to the genu between the thalamus and lentiform nucleus.crus posterius capsulae internae [NA];
posterior l. of stapes posterior crus of stapes
retrolenticular l. of internal capsule retrolenticular part of internal capsule
simple membranous l. of semicircular duct simple crus of semicircular duct
sublenticular l. of internal capsule sublenticular part of internal capsule
superior l. upper l
thoracic l. upper l
upper l. the shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist, and hand.membrum superius [NA], superior l., thoracic l., upper extremity;


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