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linea, gen and pl. lineae (lin´e-a, -e-e) [NA]

line [L.]
l. al´ba [NA] a fibrous band running vertically the entire length of the center of the anterior abdominal wall, receiving the attachments of the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.Hunter's line, white line (1);
lin´eae albican´tes striae cutis distensae, under stria
l. anocuta´nea [NA] pectinate line
l. arcua´ta [NA] arcuate line
l. arcua´ta os´sis il´ii [NA] arcuate line of ilium
l. arcua´ta vagi´nae mus´culi rec´ti abdom´inis [NA] arcuate line of rectus sheath See also rectus sheath, posterior layer of rectus abdominis sheath.
l. as´pera [NA] a rough ridge with two pronounced lips running down the posterior surface of the shaft of the femur; the lateral lip of the linea aspera is a continuation of the gluteal tuberosity, the medial lip of the intertrochanteric line; it affords attachment to the vastus medialis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor brevis, the short head of the biceps, and the vastus lateralis muscles as well as to the intermuscular septa of the thigh.rough line;
lin´eae atroph´icae striae cutis distensae, under stria
l. axilla´ris ante´rior [NA] anterior axillary line
l. axilla´ris me´dia [NA] midaxillary line
l. axilla´ris poste´rior [NA] posterior axillary line
l. cor´neae seni´lis arcus cornealis
l. epiphysia´lis [NA] epiphysial line
l. glu´tea [NA] gluteal line
l. glu´tea ante´rior anterior gluteal line. See gluteal line.
l. glutea inferior inferior gluteal line. See gluteal line.
l. glutea posterior posterior gluteal line. See gluteal line.
l. intercondyla´ris fem´oris [NA] intercondylar line of femur
l. interme´dia cris´tae ili´acae [NA] intermediate line of iliac crest
l. interspina´lis [NA] interspinal line See also interspinal plane.
l. intertrochanter´ica [NA] intertrochanteric line
l. intertubercula´ris [NA] intertubercular line See also intertubercular plane.
l. mamilla´ris [NA] mamillary line
l. media´na ante´rior [NA] anterior median line
l. media´na poste´rior [NA] posterior median line
l. medio-axilla´ris [NA] * official alternate term for midaxillary line, midaxillary line
l. medioclavicula´ris [NA] midclavicular line
l. mus´culi sol´ei [NA] soleal line
l. mylohyoi´dea [NA] mylohyoid line
l. ni´gra the l. alba in pregnancy, which then becomes line;
l. nu´chae infe´rior [NA] inferior nuchal line
l. nu´chae media´na external occipital crest
l. nu´chae supe´rior [NA] superior nuchal line
l. nu´chae supre´ma [NA] highest nuchal line
l. obli´qua [NA] oblique line
l. obliqua cartilag´inis thyroi´dea [NA] oblique line of thyroid cartilage
l. obliqua mandib´ulae [NA] oblique line of mandible
l. parasterna´lis [NA] parasternal line
l. paravertebra´lis [NA] paravertebral line
l. pecti´nea [NA] pectineal line
l. poplit´ea soleal line
l. postaxilla´ris [NA] * official alternate term for posterior axillary line, posterior axillary line
l. preaxilla´ris [NA] * official alternate term for anterior axillary line, anterior axillary line
l. scapula´ris [NA] scapular line
l. semicircula´ris arcuate line of rectus sheath
l. semiluna´ris [NA] the slight groove in the external abdominal wall parallel to the lateral edge of the rectus sheath.semilunar line, Spigelius' line;
l. spira´lis intertrochanteric line
l. splen´dens a thickened band of pia mater along the midline of the anterior surface of the spinal cord.Haller's line;
l. sterna´lis [NA] sternal line
l. subcosta´lis [NA] subcostal line See also subcostal plane.
l. supracrista´lis [NA] supracrestal line See also supracrestal plane.
l. tempora´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior temporal line
l. tempora´lis supe´rior [NA] superior temporal line
l. termina´lis [NA] an oblique ridge on the inner surface of the ilium and continued on the pubis, which forms the lower boundary of the iliac fossa; it separates the true from the false pelvis.iliopectineal line, terminal line;
lineae transver´sa ossi sacri [NA] transverse lines of sacrum, under line
l. trapezoi´dea [NA] trapezoid line


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