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lipid (lip´id)

"Fat-soluble," an operational term describing a solubility characteristic, not a chemical substance, i.e., denoting substances extracted from animal or vegetable cells by nonpolar or "fat" solvents; included in the heterogeneous collection of materials thus extractable are fatty acids, glycerides and glyceryl ethers, phospholipids, sphingolipids, alcohols and waxes, terpenes, steroids, and "fat-soluble" vitamins A, D, and E. [G. lipos, fat]
anisotropic l. a l. in the form of doubly refractive droplets.
annular l. the layer(s) of l. bound to and/or surrounding an integral membrane protein.
brain l. impure cephalin possessing marked hemostatic action when locally applied.
compound l.'s heterolipids
isotropic l. a l. occurring in the form of singly refractive droplets.
simple l.'s homolipids


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