lobule (lob´yul)

A small lobe or subdivision of a lobe.lobulus [NA];
ala central l. the lateral winglike projection of the central lobule of the cerebellum.ala lobuli centralis [NA], ala cerebelli;
ansiform l. comprises the greater part of the hemisphere of the cerebellum; its superior and inferior surfaces are separated by the horizontal fissure into major parts known as crus I (superior semilunar lobule) and crus II (inferior semilunar lobule).
anterior lunate l. superior semilunar l
l. of auricle ear lobe
biventer l. a l. on the undersurface of each cerebellar hemisphere, divided by a curved sulcus into a lateral and medial portion; it corresponds to the pyramid of the vermis.lobulus biventer [NA], biventral l., cuneiform lobe, lobulus biventralis, lobulus cuneiformis;
biventral l. biventer l
central l. central l. of cerebellum
central l. of cerebellum a division of the superior vermis of the cerebellum between the lingula and the monticulus.lobulus centralis cerebelli [NA], central l;
cortical l.'s of kidney one of the subdivisions of the kidney, consisting of a medullary ray and that portion of the convoluted port (renal corpuscles and convoluted tubules) associated with its collecting duct.lobulus corticalis renalis [NA], renal cortical l., renculus (1), reniculus (1), renunculus (1);
crescentic l.'s of the cerebellum archaic term designation for lobulus semilunaris inferior and lobulus semilunaris superior.
l.'s of epididymis the coiled portion of the efferent ductules that constitute the head of the epididymis; these join the ductus epididymidis.lobuli epididymidis [NA], coni epididymidis [NA], coni vasculosi, Haller's cones, vascular cones;
gracile l. the anterior portion of the posteroinferior lobule of the cerebellum, the posterior portion being the semilunar l. inferior; the two correspond to the tuber of the vermis.lobulus gracilis, slender l;
hepatic l. the conceptual polygonal histologic unit of the liver consisting of masses of liver cells arranged around a central vein, a terminal branch of one of the hepatic veins; at the periphery are located preterminal and terminal branches of the portal vein, hepatic artery, and bile duct, hepatic lobules have anatomical reality in the pig liver or pathologically in humans, when fibrous septa are present.lobulus hepatis [NA];
inferior parietal l. the area of the parietal lobe of the cerebrum lying below the interparietal sulcus; it contains the angular and the supramarginal gyri.lobulus parietalis inferior [NA], inferior parietal gyrus;
inferior semilunar l. the part of the superior surface of the cerebellar hemisphere lying behind the horizontal fissure.lobulus semilunaris inferior [NA], crus II, posterior lunate l;
l.'s of mammary gland subdivisions of the lobes of the mammary gland.lobuli glandulae mammariae [NA];
paracentral l. a division of the medial aspect of the cerebral cortex, lying above the singulate sulcus and bounded by the precentral sulcus in front and the marginal part of the cingulate sulcus behind.lobulus paracentralis [NA];
portal l. of liver a conceptual unit of the liver, emphasizing its exocrine function in bile secretion, which comprises a roughly triangular shaped cross-sectional area with a portal canal at its center and three or more venae centrales hepatis at its periphery.
posterior lunate l. inferior semilunar l
primary pulmonary l. pulmonary acinus
quadrangular l. the main portion of the superior part of each hemisphere of the cerebellum, corresponding to the monticulus of the vermis; it is divided into two portions, the anterior and the posterior crescentic lobules, corresponding to the culmen and the declive of the vermis.lobulus quadrangularis [NA], lobus quadratus [NA], lobulus quadratus (1), quadrate lobe (2), quadrate l. (1);
quadrate l. 1. quadrangular l 2. precuneus
renal cortical l. cortical l.'s of kidney
respiratory l. pulmonary acinus
secondary pulmonary l. a pyramidal mass of lung tissue whose sides are bounded by the incomplete interlobular connective tissue septa and whose base, which is 1 to 2 cm in diameter, usually faces the pleural surface of the lung; l.'s that occupy a more central position in the lung are not well defined and are considered to consist of three to five pulmonary acini with proximate terminal bronchioles.
simple l. the smaller anterior part of the posterior lobe of the cerebellum, demarcated by the primary fissure from the anterior lobe rostrally and from the large caudal subdivision of the posterior lobe caudally.lobulus simplex [NA];
slender l. gracile l
superior parietal l. the area of the convex surface of the parietal lobe of the cerebrum lying between the longitudinal fissure and the interparietal sulcus behind the posterior central gyrus; it is continuous with the precuneus on the medial aspect of the hemisphere.lobulus parietalis superior [NA], superior parietal gyrus;
superior semilunar l. the part of the superior surface of the cerebellar hemisphere lying rostral to the horizontal fissure, and adjoining the folium of the vermis.lobulus semilunaris superior [NA], anterior lunate l., crus I;
l.'s of testis the subdivisions of the parenchyma of the testis formed by delicate fibrous septa that pass inward from the tunica albuginea to converge at the mediastinum testis.lobuli testis [NA];
l.'s of thymus areas of thymic tissue 0.5 to 2 mm in diameter with a cortex and medulla.lobuli thymi [NA];
l.'s of thyroid gland the subdivisions of the lobes, consisting of incompletely separated, irregular groups of thyroid follicles (20 to 40 in number) bound together by delicate connective tissue.lobuli glandulae thyroideae [NA];


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