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localization (lo´kal-i-za´shun)

1. Limitation to a definite area. 2. The reference of a sensation to its point of origin. 3. The determination of the location of a morbid process.
auditory l. in sensory psychology, the naming or pointing to directions from which sounds emanate.
cerebral l. the mapping of the cerebral cortex into areas and the correlation of the various areas with cerebral function, or determining the site of a brain lesion, based on the signs and symptoms manifested by the patient or by neuroimaging.
germinal l. determination in very young embryos of the presumptive areas for specific organs or structures.fate map;
radiotherapy l. planning the size and alignment of radiation beams to encompass the neoplasm to be treated.
spatial l. the reference of a visual sensation to a definite locality in space.
stereotaxic l. l. of intracerebral nuclei by coordinates with reference to anatomical landmarks in the brain.


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