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loop (lup)

1. A sharp curve or complete bend in a vessel, cord, or other cylindrical body, forming an oval or circular ring. See also ansa. 2. A wire (usually of platinum or nichrome) fixed into a handle at one end and bent into a circle at the other, rendered sterile by flaming, and used to transfer microorganisms. [M.E. loupe]
Biebl l. a continuous l. of small intestine brought through the abdominal wall to a subcutaneous location, for observation of motility.
bulboventricular l. the portion of the early-somite embryonic cardiac tube that evolves into the ventricle and bulbus cordis.ventricular l;
capillary l.'s small blood vessels in the dermal papillae.
cervical l. ansa cervicalis
cruciform l.'s a secondary structure of DNA formed by the hydrogen bonding of self-complementary regions.
D l. a structure in replicating circular DNA.displacement l;
displacement l. D l
gamma l. the reflex arc consisting of small anterior horn cells and neuroma, their small fibers projecting to the intrafusal bundle producing its contraction, which initiates the afferent impulses that pass through the posterior root to the anterior horn cells, inducing a stretch reflex.gamma motor neurons, gamma motor system, Granit's l;
Gerdy's interatrial l. a muscular fasciculus in the interatrial septum of the heart, passing backward from the atrioventricular groove.
Granit's l. gamma l
hairpin l.'s single-stranded DNA and RNA can fold back on itself under the proper conditions forming irregular double-helical l.'s.
Henle's l. nephronic l
l. of hypoglossal nerve ansa cervicalis
Hyrtl's l. a communicating l. between the right and left hypoglossal nerves, lying between the geniohyoid and genioglossus muscles or in the substance of the geniohyoid; it is found in about one in ten persons.Hyrtl's anastomosis;
lenticular l. the pallidal efferent fibers curving around the medial border of the internal capsule.ansa lenticularis [NA], lenticular ansa;
memory l. an electronic device for retrieving data that had been stored and/or displayed upon the oscilloscope at an earlier time; used for reviewing electrical events immediately preceding a specific disturbance.
Meyer-Archambault l. the fibers of the visual radiation that loop around the tip of the temporal horn.
nephronic l. the U-shaped part of the nephron extending from the proximal to the distal convoluted tubules, consisting of descending and ascending limbs, located in the medulla renalis and medullary ray.Henle's ansa, Henle's l;
peduncular l. ansa peduncularis
l.'s of spinal nerves loops of the spinal nerves, connecting ventral primary rami of the spinal nerves.ansae nervorum spinalium;
subclavian l. ansa subclavia
vector l. an irregular, usually elliptical, curve representing the average direction and magnitude of the heart's action from moment to moment throughout the cardiac cycle. See also vector (2), vectorcardiogram.
ventricular l. bulboventricular l
Vieussens' l. ansa subclavia


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