lung (lung)

One of a pair of viscera occupying the pulmonary cavities of the thorax, the organs of respiration in which aeration of the blood takes place. As a rule, the right l. is slightly larger than the left and is divided into three lobes (an upper, a middle, and a lower or basal), while the left has but two lobes (an upper and a lower or basal). Each l. is irregularly conical in shape, presenting a blunt upper extremity (the apex), a concave base following the curve of the diaphragm, an outer convex surface (costal surface), an inner or mediastinal surface (mediastinal surface), a thin and sharp anterior border, and a thick and rounded posterior border.pulmo [NA]; [A.S. lungen]
air-conditioner l. an extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by forced air contaminated by thermophilic actinomycetes and other organisms.
bird-breeder's l. , bird-fancier's l. extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by inhalation of particulate avian emanations; sometimes specified by avian species, e.g., pigeon-breeder's l., budgerigar-breeder's l.bird-breeder's disease;
black l. a form of pneumoconiosis, common in coal miners, characterized by deposit of carbon particles in the l.miner's l. (2);
brown l. obstructive airway disease with asthma produced by exposure to cotton dust, flax or hemp. See also byssinosis.
butterfly l. hemorrhagic markings appearing on an animal's l. after inoculation with Leptospira interrogans (L. icterohaemorrhagiae).
cardiac l. disturbance in pulmonary anatomy and physiology secondary to valvular disease of the heart or to other disturbances of circulation incident to cardiac disease.
cheese worker's l. extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by inhalation of spores of Penicillium casei from moldy cheese.
collier's l. anthracosis
coptic l. condition caused by the cloth lung.
endstage l. severe diffuse interstitial fibrosis and honeycombing.
farmer's l. a hypersensitivity pneumonitis characterized by fever and dyspnea, caused by inhalation of organic dust from moldy hay containing spores of actinomycetes such as Micromonospora vulgaris, M. faeni, Thermopolyspora polyspora, and certain true fungi, which thrive in the elevated temperatures of hay lofts and silos; repeated exposure may result in alveolar sensitization and, ultimately, granulomatous lung disease with severe l. disability.thresher's l;
fibroid l. chronic interstitial pneumonia in a l.
honeycomb l. the radiological and gross appearance of the l.'s resulting from interstitial fibrosis and cystic dilation of bronchioles and distal air spaces; of unknown cause or a sequel of any of several diseases, including eosinophilic granuloma and sarcoidosis.
hyperlucent l. the radiographic finding that a l. or portion thereof is less dense than normal, as from air trapping by a bronchial foreign body, asymmetric emphysema, or decreasing blood flow. See unilateral hyperlucent l.
iron l. Drinker respirator
malt-worker's l. extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by inhalation of spores of Aspergillus clavatus and A. fumigatus from contaminated barley during the manufacture of beer.
mason's l. silicosis occurring in stone masons.
miner's l. 1. anthracosis 2. black l
mushroom-worker's l. extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by inhalation of spores of the mold Thermopolyspora polyspora or Micromonospora vulgaris from contaminated mushrooms under cultivation.
postperfusion l. a condition in which abnormal pulmonary function develops in patients who have undergone cardiac surgery involving the use of an extracorporeal circulation; now rare due to advances in perfusion technique and equipment.
pump l. shock l
quiet l. the collapse of a l. during thoracic operations undertaken to facilitate surgical procedure through absence of l. movement.
shock l. in shock, the development of edema, impaired perfusion, and reduction in alveolar space so that the alveoli collapse.pump l., wet l. (1), white l;
silo-filler's l. pulmonary edema, usually delayed for 1-4 hours, occurring in an individual exposed to silage, probably due to nitrogen dioxide; can progress to bronchiolitis obliterans.
thresher's l. farmer's l
trench l. a psychogenic hyperventilation marked by paroxysmal attacks of rapid breathing, without any signs of organic disease, observed in stressful situations such as battle.
unilateral hyperlucent l. chronic bronchiolitis obliterans predominating on one side. See unilateral lobar emphysema.
uremic l. perihilar edema of the l. associated with renal failure and hypertension; the peripheral parts of the l. remain clear.uremic pneumonia (1), uremic pneumonitis;
vanishing l. See vanishing lung syndrome.
welder's l. relatively benign form of pneumoconiosis, associated with welding, resulting from deposit of fine metallic particles in the l.
wet l. , white l. 1. shock l 2. adult respiratory distress syndrome


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