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lymph (limf)

A clear, transparent, sometimes faintly yellow and slightly opalescent fluid that is collected from the tissues throughout the body, flows in the lymphatic vessels (through the l. nodes), and is eventually added to the venous blood circulation. L. consists of a clear liquid portion, varying numbers of white blood cells (chiefly lymphocytes), and a few red blood cells.lympha [NA]; [L. lympha, clear spring water]
aplastic l. l. containing a relatively large number of leukocytes, but comparatively little fibrinogen; such l. does not form a good clot and manifests only a slight tendency to become organized.corpuscular l;
blood l. l. exuded from the blood vessels and not derived from the fluid in the tissue spaces.
corpuscular l. aplastic l
croupous l. a form of inflammatory l. with an unusually large content of fibrinogen; as a result of the fibrin that is formed in relatively dense mats, a pseudomembrane is likely to be produced.
dental l. dentinal fluid
euplastic l. l. that contains relatively few leukocytes, but a comparatively high concentration of fibrinogen; such l. clots fairly well and tends to become organized with fibrous tissue.
fibrinous l. a euplastic or croupous l.
inflammatory l. a faintly yellow, usually coagulable fluid (i.e., euplastic l.) that collects on the surface of an acutely inflamed membrane or cutaneous wound.
intercellular l. the fluid in the potential spaces between cells in the various organs and tissues.
intravascular l. l. within the lymphatic vessels, in contrast to intercellular l. and l. that has exuded from the vessels.
plastic l. inflammatory l. that has a tendency to become organized.
tissue l. true l., i.e., l. derived chiefly from fluid in tissue spaces (in contrast to blood l.).
vaccine l. , vaccinia l. that collected from the vesicles of vaccinia infection, and used for active immunization against smallpox.


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