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macula, pl. maculae (mak´yu-la, -yu-le)

1. [NA] A small spot, perceptibly different in color from the surrounding tissue. 2. A small, discolored patch or spot on the skin, neither elevated above nor depressed below the skin's surface. See also spot.macule, spot (1); [L. a spot]
mac´ulae acus´ticae See m. of saccule, m. of utricle.
m. adher´ens desmosome
m. al´bida, pl. mac´ulae al´bidae gray-white or white, rounded or irregularly shaped, slightly opaque patches or spots that are sometimes observed postmortem in the epicardium, especially in middle-aged or older persons; they result from fibrous thickening, and sometimes hyalinization, of the epicardium; similar lesions may also occur in the visceral layer of the peritoneum.m. lactea, m. tendinea, tache blanche, tache laiteuse (2), tendinous spot, white spot;
m. atroph´ica an atrophic glistening white spot on the skin.
m. ceru´lea a bluish stain on the skin caused by the bites of fleas or lice, especially pediculosis spot (1), tache bleuâtre;
m. commu´nicans gap junction
m. commu´nis the thickened area in the medial wall of the auditory vesicle that later subdivides to form the maculae of the sacculus and utriculus as well as the cristae of the ampullae of the semicircular ducts.
m. cor´neae a moderately dense opacity of the cornea.corneal spot;
m. cribro´sa, pl. mac´ulae cribro´sae [NA] one of three areas on the wall of the vestibule of the labyrinth, marked by numerous foramina giving passage to nerve filaments supplying portions of the membranous labyrinth; m. cribrosa inferior , located in the posterior bony ampulla for passage of posterior ampullary nerve fibers; m. cribrosa media , area near the base of the cochlea through which the saccular nerve fibers pass; m. cribrosa superior , perforated area above the elliptical recess for passage of the utriculoampullary nerve fibers; m. cribrosa quarta , a name sometimes applied to the opening for the cochlear nerve.
m. den´sa a closely packed group of densely staining cells in the distal tubular epithelium of a nephron, in direct apposition to the juxtaglomerular cells; they may function as either chemoreceptors or as baroreceptors feeding information to the juxtaglomerular cells.
false m. an extrafoveal point of fixation.
m. fla´va a yellowish spot at the anterior extremity of the rima glottidis where the two vocal folds join.
m. germinati´va archaic term for the nucleolus in the nucleus of an ovum; also refers to any germinal area.
m. gonorrho´ica a spot of red brighter than the surrounding membrane, at the congested orifice of the duct of Bartholin's gland, sometimes seen in gonorrhea.Saenger's m;
honeycomb m. edema of the macular region of the retina.
m. lac´tea m. albida
m. lu´tea m. retinae
mongolian m. mongolian spot
m. pellu´cida follicular stigma
m. ret´inae [NA] an oval area of the sensory retina, 3 by 5 mm, temporal to the optic disk corresponding to the posterior pole of the eye; at its center is the central fovea, which contains only retinal cones.area centralis, m. lutea, macular area, punctum luteum, Soemmerring's spot, yellow spot;
m. of saccule the oval neuroepithelial sensory receptor in the anterior wall of the saccule; hair cells of the neuroepithelium support the statoconial membrane and have terminal arborizations of vestibular nerve fibers around their bodies.m. sacculi [NA], saccular spot;
m. sac´culi [NA] m. of saccule
Saenger's m. m. gonorrhoica
m. tendin´ea m. albida
m. of utricle the neuroepithelial sensory receptor in the inferolateral wall of the utricle; hair cells of the neuroepithelium support the statoconial membrane and have terminal arborizations of vestibular nerve fibers around their bodies; sensitive to linear acceleration in the longitudinal axis of the body and to gravitational influences.m. utriculi [NA], utricular spot;
m. utric´uli [NA] m. of utricle


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