manifestation (man´i-fes-ta´shun)

The display or disclosure of characteristic signs or symptoms of an illness. [L. manifestus, caught in the act]
behavioral m. a m. characterized by defects in personality structure and attendant behavior with minimal anxiety and little or no sense of distress, indicative of a psychiatric disorder; occasionally encephalitis or head injury will produce the clinical picture which is properly diagnosed as chronic brain disorder with behavioral m.'s.
neurotic m. a m. characterized by such defenses as conversion, dissociation, displacement, phobia formation, or repetitive thoughts and acts being utilized to handle anxiety; in contrast to psychotic m.'s, gross distortion or falsification of reality is not exhibited, and gross disintegration of the personality is not usually observed.
psychophysiologic m. a m. characterized by the visceral expression of affect, the symptoms due to a chronic and exaggerated state of the physiologic expression of emotion with the feeling repressed; such m.'s are commonly characteristic of psychosomatic disorders.
psychotic m. a m. characterized by thoughts, feelings, and behavior evidencing a varying degree of personality disintegration and distortion or falsification of reality in various spheres; persons exhibiting such a m. fail in effective relationships to other people or to their work.


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