margin (mar´jin)

A boundary, edge, or border, as of a surface or structure. See also border, edge.margo [NA]; [L. margo, border, edge]
m. of acetabulum the rim of bone around the acetabulum to which is attached the labrum acetabulare.limbus acetabuli [NA], margo acetabularis [NA];
anterior m. anterior border
articular m. glenoid labrum
cavity m. the periphery of a filling, the line of junction between a restoration and the external surface of a tooth.
cervical m. 1. gingival m 2. termination of a restoration in the gingival area.
cervical m. of tooth neck of tooth
ciliary m. of iris ciliary border of iris
corneal m. limbus of cornea
m.'s of eyelids the free edges of the eyelids. See also anterior border of eyelids, posterior border of eyelids.margo palpebrae;
falciform m. the sharply curved, free margin of the saphenous opening in the fascia lata; medially, it ends in a superior and an inferior horn.margo falciformis [NA];
fibular m. of foot lateral border of foot
m. of fossa ovalis limbus fossae ovalis
free m. free border
free m. of eyelids the unattached inferior edge of the upper lid and superior edge of the lower lid, where the anterior (cutaneous) surface of the eyelid meets the posterior (conjunctival) surface of the eyelid. The free m.'s of the eyelids bound the rima palpebrarum, and each free m. has an anterior and posterior border. See borders of eyelids, under border.
frontal m. frontal border
gingival m. 1. the most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth; 2. the edge of the free gingiva.cervical m. (1), gingival crest;
incisal m. incisal edge
inferior m. inferior border
inferolateral m. margo inferior cerebri
inferomedial m. margo medialis cerebri
infraorbital m. the inferior half of the orbital rim, or the lower border of the orbital opening, formed by the maxilla medially and the zygomatic bone laterally. See orbital rim.margo infraorbitalis [NA];
interosseous m. interosseous border
lacrimal m. of maxilla lacrimal border of maxilla
lambdoid m. of occipital bone lambdoid border of occipital bone
lateral m. lateral border
mastoid m. of occipital bone mastoid border of occipital bone
medial m. medial border
mesovarian m. of ovary mesovarian border of ovary
nasal m. of frontal bone nasal border of frontal bone
m. of orbit orbital rim
occipital m. occipital border
orbital m. of eyelids the outer or peripheral attached borders of the upper and lower eyelids; the "root" of the eyelids, along which it is attached to the orbital rim.
parietal m. parietal border
psoas m. in abdominal radiography, the appearance of the fat stripe delineating the lateral margin of the psoas muscle shadow; shows a normal retroperitoneum when visible.
pupillary m. of iris pupillary border of iris
right m. of heart right border of heart
m. of safety the m. between the minimal therapeutic dose and the minimal toxic dose of a drug.
squamous m. squamous border
superomedial m. margo superior cerebri
supraorbital m. the superior half of the orbital rim, which constitutes the curved superior border of the orbital opening, formed by the frontal bone. See orbital rim.margo supraorbitalis [NA], supraorbital arch, supraorbital ridge;
m. of the tongue the lateral border that separates the dorsum from the inferior surface of the tongue on each side, the two borders meeting anteriorly at the apex.margo linguae [NA];
ulnar m. of forearm medial border of forearm
zygomatic m. of greater wing of sphenoid bone zygomatic border of greater wing of sphenoid bone


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