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marrow (mar´o)

1. A highly cellular hematopoietic connective tissue filling the medullary cavities and spongy epiphyses of bones that becomes predominantly fatty with age, particularly in the long bones of the limbs. 2. Any soft gelatinous or fatty material resembling the m. of bone. See also medulla. [A.S. mearh]
bone m. the tissue filling the cavities of bones, having a stroma of reticular fibers and cells.medulla ossium [NA];
red bone m. bone marrow in which the meshes contain the developmental stages of erythrocytes, leukocytes, and megakaryocytes.medulla ossium rubra;
spinal m. spinal cord
yellow bone m. bone m. in which the meshes of the reticular network are filled with fat.medulla ossium flava;


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