material (ma-ter´e-al)

That of which something is made or composed; the constituent element of a substance. [L. materialis, fr. materia, substance]
base m. any substance from which a denture base may be made, such as shellac, acrylic resin, vulcanite, polystyrene, metal, etc.
by-product m. radioactive material produced by nuclear fission or by neutron irradiation in a nuclear reactor or similar device.
contrast m. contrast medium
cross-reacting m. (CRM) a substance sufficiently different from a reference substance (R) to have a perceptibly different function from R but sufficiently similar to R that it reacts with anti-R antibodies; e.g., mutant factor VIII may be defective or even inert in coagulation and yet be immunologically identified as factor VIII.
dental m. any m. used in dentistry.
genetic m. the carrier of hereditary information; in higher organisms it is duplex DNA.
impression m. any substance or combination of substances used for making a negative reproduction or impression.
plastic restoration m. in dentistry, any m. that may be shaped directly to the tooth cavity, such as amalgam, cement, or resin.
restorative dental m.'s m.'s used to replace oral tissues in dentistry; e.g., amalgam, gold alloys, cements, porcelain, plastics, and denture m.'s.


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