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matrix, pl. matrices (ma´triks, mat´riks; ma´tri-sez, mat´ri-sez)

1. [NA] The formative portion of a tooth or a nail. 2. The intercellular substance of a tissue. 3. A surrounding substance within which something is contained or embedded, e.g., the fatty tissue in which blood vessels or lymph nodes lie; provides a matrix for these embedded structures. 4. A mold in which anything is cast or swaged; a counterdie; a specially shaped instrument, plastic material, or metal strip used for holding and shaping the material used in filling a tooth cavity. 5. A rectangular array of numbers or symbol quantities that simplify the execution of linear operations of tedious complexity, e.g., the ITO method; the theory of matrices is widely used in solving simultaneous equations and in population genetics. [L. womb; female breeding animal]
amalgam m. a device used during placement of the amalgam mass within a compound cavity preparation, facilitating proper condensation and contour thereof by providing a confining wall.
bone m. the intercellular substance of bone tissue consisting of collagen fibers, ground substance, and inorganic bone salts.
cartilage m. the intercellular substance of cartilage consisting of fibers and ground substance.
cell m. cytoplasmic m
cytoplasmic m. a fluid cytoplasmic substance filling the interstices of the cytoskeleton.cell m., cytomatrix;
external m. the substance occupying the space between the inner and outer membrane of any organelle (e.g., mitochondria) with a double membrane.
identity m. a square m. in which the quantities on the diagnonal from top left to bottom right are all equal to 1 and all the other entries are 0.
mitochondrial m. m. mitochondrialis
m. mitochondria´lis the substance occupying the space enclosed by the inner membrane of a mitochondrion; it contains enzymes, filaments of DNA, ribosomes, granules, and inclusions of protein crystals, glycogen, and lipid.mitochondrial m;
nail m. nail bed
nuclear m. the network of protein fibers both around the outside of the nucleus as well as inside the nucleus.
square m. a m. in which the numbers of rows and columns are equal.
territorial m. cartilage capsule
m. un´guis [NA] nail bed


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