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meatus, pl. meatus (me-a´tus) [NA]

A passage or channel, especially the external opening of a canal. [L. a going, a passage, fr. meo, pp. meatus, to go, pass]
acoustic m. external acoustic m
m. acus´ticus exter´nus [NA] external acoustic m
m. acus´ticus inter´nus [NA] internal acoustic m
external acoustic m. the passage leading inward through the tympanic portion of the temporal bone, from the auricle to the tympanic membrane; it consists of a bony (inner) portion and a fibrocartilaginous (outer) portion, the cartilaginous external acoustic meatus.m. acusticus externus [NA], acoustic m., antrum auris, auditory canal, external auditory m;
external auditory m. external acoustic m
fish-mouth m. a red and swollen condition of the orifice of the urethra (urinary m.) in gonorrhea.
internal acoustic m. a canal running from the opening of the internal acoustic meatus, through the petrous portion of the temporal bone, ending at the fundus where a thin plate of bone separates it from the vestibule; it gives passage to the facial and vestibulocochlear nerves together with the labyrinthine artery and veins.m. acusticus internus [NA], internal auditory m;
internal auditory m. internal acoustic m
nasal m. any of three passages in the nasal cavity formed by the projection of the conchae: middle nasal m., lies below the inferior concha; middle nasal m., lies between the middle and inferior conchae; superior nasal m., lies between the superior and middle conchae.m. nasi [NA];
m. na´si [NA] nasal m
m. nasopharyn´geus [NA] nasopharyngeal passage
ureteral m. ureteric orifice
m. urina´rius external urethral orifice


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