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medium, pl. media (me´de-um, -a)

1. A means; that through which an action is performed. 2. A substance through which impulses or impressions are transmitted. 3. culture m 4. The liquid holding a substance in solution or suspension. [L. neuter of medius, middle]
clearing m. a m. used in histology for making specimens translucent or transparent.
complete m. a m. for an in vitro culture that contains the supplemental nutrients as well as the basic nutrients to support fastidious or mutant growth requirements.
contrast m. any internally administered substance that has a different opacity from soft tissue on radiography or computed tomography; includes barium, used to opacify parts of the gastrointestinal tract; water-soluble iodinated compounds, used to opacify blood vessels or the genitourinary tract; may refer to air occurring naturally or introduced into the body; also, paramagnetic substances used in magnetic resonance imaging.contrast agent, contrast material;
culture m. a substance, either solid or liquid, used for the cultivation, isolation, identification, or storage of microorganisms.growth m., medium (3), nutrient m;
Czapek-Dox m. Czapek's solution agar
dispersion m. external phase
Dorset's culture egg m. a m. for cultivating Mycobacterium tuberculosis; it consists of the whites and yolks of four fresh eggs and a solution of sodium chloride.
Eagle's basal m. a solution of various salts containing 13 naturally occurring amino acids, several vitamins, two antibiotics, and phenol red; used as a tissue culture medium.
Eagle's minimum essential m. (MEM) a tissue culture m. similar to Eagle's basal medium but with different amounts and a few exclusions (e.g., antibiotics and phenol red).
Endo's m. Endo agar
external m. external phase
growth m. culture m
high osmolar contrast m. (HOCM) high osmolar contrast agent
Loeffler's blood culture m. a culture m. consisting of beef blood serum, sheep blood serum, and beef bouillon containing peptone, glucose, and sodium chloride; used for the isolation of Corynebacterium diphtheriae.
Lowenstein-Jensen m. Lowenstein-Jensen culture m
Lowenstein-Jensen culture m. primary mycobacterial recovery media composed of fresh whole eggs, defined salts, glycerol, potato flour, and malachite green (as an inhibitory agent).Lowenstein-Jensen m;
motility test m. a culture m. with a concentration of agar that produces a less solid consistency than usual and allows motile organisms to grow away from the line of inoculation; used to differentiate species of bacteria.
mounting m. a substance, usually resinous, used for mounting a cover glass on histologic suspensions.
Mueller-Hinton m. an agar-based media composed of beef infusion, casamino acids, and starch useful in the isolation of gonococci and meningococci; the recommended medium for antibacterial susceptibility tests for most common aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria.
nutrient m. culture m
passive m. a m. that produces no change in the specimens placed in it.
selective m. a culture m. containing ingredients that inhibit growth of contaminants or microorganisms other than that desired.
separating m. 1. any coating which serves to prevent one surface from adhering to another; 2. in dentistry, a material usually applied to a cast to facilitate separation from the resin denture base after curing; a coating on impressions to facilitate removal of the cast.
Simmons' citrate m. a diagnostic m. used in the differentiation of species of Enterobacteriaceae, based on their ability to utilize sodium citrate as the sole source of carbon.
support m. the material in which separation takes place, as in separation of components in electrophoresis.
Thayer-Martin m. Thayer-Martin agar
transport m. a m. for transporting clinical specimens to the laboratory for examination.


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