ankylosis (ang´ki-lo´sis)

Stiffening or fixation of a joint as the result of a disease process, with fibrous or bony union across the joint. [G. ankylosis, stiffening of a joint]
artificial a. arthrodesis
bony a. synostosis
dental a. bony union of the radicular surface of a tooth to the surrounding alveolar bone in an area of previous partial root resorption.
extracapsular a. stiffness of a joint due to induration or heterotopic ossification of the surrounding tissues.spurious a;
false a. fibrous a
fibrous a. stiffening of a joint due to the presence of fibrous bands between and about the bones forming the joint.false a., pseudankylosis;
intracapsular a. stiffness of a joint due to the presence of bony or fibrous adhesions between the articular surfaces of the joint.
spurious a. extracapsular a
true a. synostosis


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